Considerations for your hotel

If you are planning a trip to Chicago and looking for accommodation, call a friend who lives there, for assistance. If budget is not a & # 39 is a problem for you, you can book a room in any of the hotels Michigan Avenue. However, the best way to ask suggestions or thoughts about best hotels. And then you can ask for the best shops where you can make purchases. Then maybe you can ask a variety of tourist attractions in the windy city. There's just so much to do. In fact in this city many people watch over their love for each other.

For those who are going to tie the knot, always remember that there is always a perfect place for a wedding in Chicago for you. All you need is patience, time, effort, and your instincts to know what better place to hold this special event in your life. Each hotel in Chicago has its pluses and minuses, but keep in mind that the negative things can be avoided if you plan your trip ahead of time.

Your wedding – it's a very special event that symbolizes a & # 39; union of two lives, and if you are planning a wedding in Chicago, make sure that the location is quite ideal for life, to keep as a memento. In Chicago, in fact a lot of hotels, and it would be better if you use the Internet to research every hotel to know that can provide not only the best place for a wedding ceremony, but the hotel, which can serve as an excellent, healthy food for your guests. Here are a few tips for finding wedding venues in Chicago:

Know your budget. How much are you willing to spend on this once in a lifetime event in your life? Knowing how much you want to spend, can help you determine the correct hotel on the wedding day. Chicago has the best 5-star hotels with different prices and the prices, and they all make perfect places the wedding reception.

Decide between an outdoor wedding or a closed door. Be specific about where you want to place your reception – in a large hall or in the garden? You have to take a decision on this very soon, so you can make the right training and solutions.

location. There are hotels that are near a shopping center, office building, or perhaps with a panoramic view. But some of these hotels are quite expensive. If you plan to stay longer, book at least two weeks before the event. Some hotels offer discounts for early-bird customers.

Miracle mineral baths

Even in 73 BC, the hot springs and mineral baths were places for health and rejuvenation. King Herod, the Roman king of the Jews, has created one of the world's first health resorts on the Dead Sea. Queen Cleopatra to build a cosmetic and pharmaceutical factory. During the Roman Empire almost every city had access to mineral baths, which were used for public swimming, playing sports and socializing. From the UK to Germany and Algeria can be found bath home.

The world-famous Baden-Baden in Germany hot springs attracted visitors for centuries. Located along the river CCA, Baden-Baden welcomes the ancient Romans, the English Queen Victoria and modern visitors. It is considered one of the most elegant bathing houses in Europe, Baden-Baden is created around 29 hot springs, which are transferred through the pipes in different baths of the city. Patients still come to seek help from gout, paralysis, skin diseases, and more.

Native Americans recognized the healing power of the mineral baths, believing that they were a special gift from the people of the Great Spirit. All these early day spa visitors have found that the mineral baths are effective for treating a number of diseases, including psoriasis, acne, rheumatism and indigestion. Spanish explorer Hernando De Sato came across the Valley of the vapor in the early 1500s. He was one of the first Europeans who discovered the healing power of what is today known as the Arkansas, Hot Springs.

Desato was just one of many who have come to discover these magical hot springs, of which formed a National Park Hot Springs. The hot springs of "Homeland" has a rich history, and was soon followed by others. Another American classic, sauna Roosevelt in Saratoga Springs, NY, has attracted sophisticated travelers in the 1800s to assist in the soothing mineral waters. Guests who come to the resort Gideon Putnam, believe that water offers preventive benefits, and the use of mineral springs help to reduce stress and enhance the overall functioning of the body.

These waters also spawned playground for the rich and famous. Almost a century ago, the VIP-guests traveling on railway transport to Mount Clemens, Michigan, or to the "Bat-America City", to experience there wonderful mineral water. Mount Clemens water were pumped from 1,400 feet beneath the city, as well as Henry Ford, William Randolph Hearst and Ditsyanka Ruth. It is known that the bath relieve the pain of arthritis, rheumatism and eczema. It was also a Mecca for polio patients. A thriving therapeutic industry has been supported by 11 large baths and dozens of resort hotels in the city.

Hotel West Baden Springs, opened in the Gilded Age, the French Face, Indiana, carried out a fantastic bathing cap, who was considered the "eighth wonder of the world." National Historic Site, West Baden resort's reputation as a health resort with mineral springs attracted visitors from all over the US to rest and take treatment. In 2007, repair facilities including a spa area of ​​27,000 square feet with capsules for the entire body with the famous mineral water that made the West Baden Springs undisputed first-class resort.

Mineral springs also spawned innovative body treatments. For example, in Harbin hot springs in Middletown, California, physician Harold dalyu developed Watsu, which is a combination of Zen shiatsu with water. Warm and attractive natural spring pools located across the property of 2,000 acres. The Manor Hot Spryngz, Virginia, for the first time welcomed Thomas Jefferson, who three times a day bathed in its waters for three weeks restorative measure. Today, visitors are still able to "take the waters", and enjoy a luxurious spa treatment.

Where to stay, eat and drink in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is the largest German stock exchange, Deutsche Bundesbank, the European Central Bank and some of the largest corporations in Europe. This is one of the few European cities that is bordered by skyscrapers and modern architecture, but also there are some parts that give him a sense of "old world Germany."

When I was planning a business trip to Frankfurt, I really could not find any type of directories, where to stay and what to do, so I thought that I would give certain information on the basis of my experience in Frankfurt.

As for the hotel, I am very "oriented to the point", so I usually stay at a hotel that allows me or earn or use points, but at the same time I love hotels in general, especially luxury hotels, so I also like to check with some other great hotels in the city, where the scores can not be your goal. Below you will find my recommendations for hotels, as well as some recommendations where to eat and drink.

Three key things I look for in a hotel – it's the quality of the hotel itself, the amenities that it offers and its location. As for the location, in Frankfurt there are three things:

1. Shopping on Goteshtrasse (this "5th Avenue Frankfurt", "Goethe Street"),

2. Remerberg (area A.K.A. Römerberg – Frankfurt's most beautiful area, especially in December with a Christmas market), and

3. Sachsenhausen (One of the most historic streets of Frankfurt with buildings, restaurants, bars and nightclubs of the timber)

The hotel for those who want to earn or use "Points":

1. Grand Frankfurt

Konrad-Adenauer-Strass, 7, 60313

Grandin Frankfurt is located in the heart of the city and within walking distance of the historic center, shopping area and the financial district. In my opinion, in Frankfurt am Main hotels is the best place "makes a point." The hotel has 371 rooms, including 18 suites, all of which are brand Westin heavenly bed and heavenly showers and marble bathroom.

As for the restaurants and amenities, Westin Grand Frankfurt provides two Asian restaurants. San san Restaurant offers Chinese cuisine and Sushimoto offers Japanese cuisine and sushi. Breakfast "buffet" is served in the Restaurant Motions, as well as a lobby bar / cafe called Arabella bar & lounge, which provides coffee, cake, cocktails and business lunches.

Emotion Wellness Center offers an indoor swimming pool with views over the rooftops of the Old Frankfurt, Finnish steam room, sauna and spa. Training Westin Workout – a modern device with treadmills, free weights and LifeFitness equipment. Overall, this is a very nice Westin in an excellent location.

points: Grand Frankfurt Westin – is a hotel Category 4 SPG with a free night requiring 10,000 points per night.

2. Marriott Frankfurt

Hamburger oil 2

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel is situated opposite the Frankfurt convention center ( "Messe Frankfurt"), which is perfect for exhibitions, but not the best place for sightseeing tours. However, it offers excellent amenities and services. I stayed in this hotel for about 3 nights and was very impressed with what he had to offer. There was a lovely little café-bar and a cafe, Espressivo Cafe & Bar, which is perfectly made espresso and cappuccino. In addition, their muesli, yogurt and sandwiches were fantastic (think fresh crusty bread with fine prosciutto or salami instead of the previous 3-day Pre-packed sandwich, which you get in most Starbucks, located in the North American Marryotse). There were also Champions sports bar and a French Brasserie, Brasserie ici.

As Marriott Platinum, I am in a large amount in the Marriott, and I would have to rank the concierge lounge and fitness center in this location right at the top of all the Marriott. The living room was quite rich buffet for breakfast and for dinner. Fitness center was very large: treadmills, free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and even a juice bar, which made protein drinks.

points: Marryot Frankfurt hotel category 5 with complimentary intentions requires 25,000 points for Marriott rewards for the night (or 20,000 if you can get it as PointSaver)

3. Hilton Frankfurt

Hochstrasse 4

Hilton Frankfurt is located next to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is a modern 12-storey hotel located in a beautiful green park. They offer 342 standard, hospitality and luxurious guest rooms, including 14 suites, all of which are modern, bright and airy feel.

The hotel has 2 restaurants (Gekkos and Pacific Colors) and a cafe / bar / lounge (Vista Bar and Lounge), as well as the executive lounge and a fitness center with steam and sauna.

points: Hotel Hilton Frankfurt – this hotel category 6 "Hilton Honars" with a free night requiring 40,000 points of pride for the night.

4. Intercontinental Frankfurt

Wilhelm-Straße 43 Leshner

InterContinental Frankfurt is located on the River Main, near the city center and within walking distance of many local attractions, including the square Remerberg, Frankfurt Cathedral and St. Paul's Church. One of the best things about the location of this hotel – an opportunity to get out of the hotel, cross the street and walk through a run (or walk) along the path of the main river.

The hotel actually consists of two separate buildings, which are across the street from each other, a total of 770 rooms. There are two restaurants and a bar – an Italian restaurant LEONS, restaurant Signatures Veranda Bar and DAXs Mainhatten, as well as 24-hour health and fitness center. I would not consider it one of the best Intercontinental hotels, but if you tend to dwell on the IHG, it will be your best bet.

points: Free night at the Intercontinental Frankfurt will require 30,000 points Priority Club (interkontynentalny hotel is 30 000 – 40 000 points)

5. Hotel Le Meridien ParkHotel

Wiesenhuettenplatz 28-38

Located next to Frankfurt Central Station ( "Hauptbahnhof") and one of only two Starwood hotels in the city center, it was one of the most unusual projects hotels that I have seen. Half of the hotel – a charming city of the Old World, and the other half (I would guess 70 years) – a modern business hotel. This applied not only to the external architecture, but also 297 rooms. I stayed in one of the rooms with the senior department, which was actually very nice with traditional furniture, very small. Rooms at the modern side of the much larger and more modern, more focused on the business traveler.

In general, I was not too impressed with this hotel – it did not have any of the amenities that I would expect from a Starwood hotel. There was a decent restaurant LeParc, but the bar, Casablanca, was very dark and outdated. The hotel's gym has a good steam, sauna and jogging track, but on the scale it was very easy. I would stay in this hotel as part of the SPG member, when the album "West Grand Frankfurt" or sold, has a significantly higher daily rate, or when I need to be close to the station.

points: Le Meridien ParkHotel – this hotel SPG Category 4 with a free night, which required 10,000 Starpoints per night. (This is the same number of points per night in Vesten Grand Frankfurt, I would recommend Vestynu in any case, but it is necessary if you are using points)

Hotel for those who want a luxury hotel, and not "focused on point":

1. Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof

Am Kaiserplatz, 60311

For the old European grandeur in a prominent place, you can do no better than a five-star Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof. With more than 130-year history of the hotel is the best address in the city, located just a few minutes from the financial district and the best shopping and cultural areas of Frankfurt.

The hotel has 261 rooms and 42 suites, decorated in different styles, and all of them would be classified as a traditional and elegant than some of the more modern hotels in the city.

Note: The hotel is renovating its rooms and will survive this major reconstruction until about December 2012, so keep in mind if you stop at this time.

The Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof has four restaurants, including Restaurant Français, which was awarded a Michelin star. Others – "Oscar", the restaurant "Hofgarten", summer terrace and outdoor Japanese restaurant "IROHA". There is also a bar for cigars and tsygarrum avtarebar serving cocktails and "royal tea". There is also a fitness and wellness center with a gym, sauna, steam room and spa.

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof with & # 39; is a member of the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection. Visa Signature cardholders get some nice benefits such as room upgrade, free breakfast, etc. … so make sure you are familiar with the ability to book a stay at this hotel via Visa, to get some additional benefits. They also have a guarantee of the best available rate, so by night should be good.

2. Hotel Villa Kennedy (Rocco Forte)

Kenedelli 70, 60596

Hotel Villa Kennedy – is a five-star hotel, located near the south shore of the River Main on Kenedelli that does not look like a city hotel. Located in wide gardens, with neo-Gothic facade, century-old Villa Shpier was ideally suited to the luxury hotel, which is concentrated around a beautiful courtyard with mature trees and a dining room with alfreskami. With regard to the architecture and tranquility, it was my favorite hotel in Frankfurt.

Location is somewhat different from the others profiled here hotels, as it is in the southern part of the Main River in Saksenhavzen and a short walk or riding in a taxi from the other commercial, financial and cultural attractions of Frankfurt.

Villa Kennedy has 163 rooms, of which 28 – suites, which are called "minimalist deluxe" design with neutral and gray shades. The bathrooms are beautifully decorated with marble and mosaics, floor heating, a bath and a separate walk in shower.

The hotel also has Villa Spa with a 15-meter indoor pool, gym, sauna, steam bath and eight treatment rooms offering a wide range of health and beauty treatments.

Hotel Villa Kennedy from the & # 39; is a member of the leading hotels of the world, so in fact it is a function of the set points by the leaders of the club (you can earn a free night at any LHW property after five lived for a year), however, you have to pay either 100 or $ 1,200 to become a member of the club leaders, so I do not attribute it to the same category as other loyalty programs to the hotel.

3. Jumeirah Frankfurt

Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2

Hotel Jumeirah Frankfurt is located in the heart of Frankfurt, is located in the financial district, just minutes from the best store of Frankfurt, including the chic boutiques and Goteshtrasse MyZeil, the most visited shopping center of Germany.

"Frankfurt" Jumeirah – a great new addition to the modern skyline of Frankfurt. The hotel has 157 rooms and 61 suites, the hotel is located on 25 floors of a brave new building in Frankfurt. All rooms have modern decor and are considered the largest rooms in Frankfurt.

As for dining and nightlife, there are two restaurants and a bar. Max on One is an inventive German and Australian cuisine, Le Petit Palais with & # 39 is more casual and offers lighter meals and desserts. Hotel Amber – their bar / nightclub and a much more active than most bars, hotels.

4. Apartments

Gutleutstr 85, 60329

Located near the train station of Frankfurt – Roomers. This hotel is designed for those who like a more sharp, fashionable and vibrant boutique hotel, for example, those which are properties associated with W Hotels, Morgans Hotel Group and Thompson Hotels.

Once the office building has been transformed into a chic boutique hotel with 116 rooms, 11 apartments and a very lively restaurant and bar. Meals crowd "hipsters-zhetset" is a hotel to stay if you are driving the night life.

Roomers is a collection of Kiwi Hotel. He belongs to the group of hospitality in Frankfurt, which also owns The Pure, another hotel, which you can check if you like the Roomers.

Where to eat and drink in Frankfurt:

Here are a few recommendations for lunch, dinner and drinks on the basis of my experience in Frankfurt.

1. Club ivory – Taunusanlage 15, 60325

Modern colonial kitchen (that is graceful and elegant Indian cuisine), located in the financial district. They also have a large selection of alcoholic beverages, which is rare in Germany. I was very happy to see my favorite spirit, Bulldog Gin, which I can not get to his home state of Michigan, and must be in any restaurant that wants to provide an excellent martini.

2. Zenzakan – Taunusanlage 15, 60325

Panaziyatskaya kitchen (sister restaurant of the club Ivory) – great atmosphere, creative Asian cuisine, located in the financial district.

3. Adolph Wagner – Shvaytser Strass 71

Typical Frankfurt restaurant Apfelwein, located in Sachsenhausen. Very lively style benches, communal. Great food, but no beer. If you are looking for traditional German food and apple wine, this place.

4. Zum Storch am Dom – Saalgasse 5 60311

One of the oldest restaurants in Frankfurt with excellent German cuisine and excellent service, located close to the area Remerberg.

5. Frankfurter Kleinmarkthalle – Hasengasse 7

If you like to visit the local food markets to feel the local cuisine, this is a place that you would like. This indoor market located near Piazza Remerberg, with more than 60 stalls offering the most popular delicacies in the region – fresh meat, fish, sausage, cheese, wine, etc. … If you are a delicious circle you want to add this to your itinerary.

6. Café Wacker – Kornmark 9

Wacker & # 39; s Kaffee – the most popular coffee shop in Frankfurt, and should be in the list of coffee drinkers. They provide and sell almost all kinds of coffee and cake. From behind the door is almost always going to be a ruler, but do not let it scare you, perhaps this is the most effective coffee house in which I've ever had, with regard to production of espresso, cappuccino and latte. It is also close to Piazza Remerberg

History of Michigan sugar

October 17, 1898 in the suburbs of Michigan Bay City, Eseksvil smiling governor B. Hazen Pingree was on hand to witness the beginning of the first harvest of sugar beet Michigan. By doing this, Pingree announced a period of speculative investments in the production of sugar beet, which marked the establishment of companies that sometimes suddenly rose to spectacular heights, and just as quickly went down to oblivion, keeping the savings of thousands of small investors. Several companies that survived the turbulent early years, however, have produced more than one billion pounds of sugar each year.

Governor Pingree threw its support on "Public Act 48," legislation, which promised lucky money for the beet sugar produced in Michigan. Its passage caused a rush to build beet plants across the state and, according to his supporters, went away to replace the jobs lost approaching death timber industry, which was an economic pillar of the state for fifty years. When Michigan was a country of white pine forests so thick that in 1812, government surveyors recognized it unfit for human habitation. After depletion of the forests of Maine, New York and Pennsylvania Timber harrows turned their attention to the hundreds of millions of pine planks White Michigan. Now that it was over, the political leaders of the state were in need of new sources of economic wealth.

The Governor and the heads of the companies, Thomas Krenazh Benjamin Butel, Nathan Bradley, people whose happiness were recruited in the timber industry, gladly listened to whistles factory that caused the beets from the pits to store to enter the first of the twenty-three factories where workers, entrepreneurs , farmers and politicians set aside natural differences to a & # 39; to combine their talents for the common good. It was an idea that traveled from Europe nearly seven decades earlier.

France has developed a sugar cane as a source of white granulated sugar is less than a hundred years earlier. Napoleon Bonaparte took over control of France, continued the French tradition to threaten England's war. In accordance with its warlike intentions he set embargo on British deliveries and thereby effectively disabled access to the English port from which depended France, at an overload of cane sugar from the West Indies. Sugar stocks gained on English docks, while the inhabitants of France suffered for his absence.

By the embargo on British trade in France in 1806 to meet their needs a constant supply of cane sugar from Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean and Reunion in the Indian Ocean. To meet the unmet needs created by its embargo and counter-embargo England, Napoleon decided to stimulate the production of sugar from sugar beets. Experiments ten years earlier established the viability of the beet root as a replacement for sugar cane. So convincing were the results of that cane industry representatives offered to pay the modern equivalent of 120,000 dollars Achardu Karl Franz, a scientist most responsible for research in return for rejecting the possibilities of extraction of sugar from sugar beets. Rejection of the proposal, not only confirmed his character, but also established a foundation industry.

By 1812 forty plants operated in France. These factories, meager by the standards of the 21st century, was treated almost one hundred thousand tons of sugar beet produced in the seventeen thousand hectares, and from them produced more than three million tons of sugar. From France, the industry has spread to Germany, Russia and other countries. In Germany Achard founded a school that had students from all over Europe. When the students returned to their home countries, they carried with them the technical information that encouraged the creation of many more plants. Eventually Acharda descendants settled in Michigan, where they become involved in the nursery of the sugar industry of the state.

Sugar beet resembles a turnip on steroids. Its weight ranges from three to five kilograms. The thick canopy of deciduous foliage protects it from the sun. Sugar beets with & # 39 is a member of a family of geese and incorporates cousins, red beet, spinach, pig weed, lamb and Russian thistle, and more narrowly refers to the species Beta vulgaris, which includes not only the sugar beet, but and beets, Swiss chard and vurzel. Its roots can stretch to six or eight feet in the soft soil, so that you can survive in a climate of various types, which is found in Arizona and Michigan, where it has a growing season, which lasts from March to October. Period following the growing season, the period during which the sugar is extracted from sugar beet and then processed, the industry called the "company".

Opening of Michigan sugar beet campaign was, for each view, a great success. Farmers have prepared an average of 10.3 tons of beets on each of 1010 hectares in total 32,047 tons of sugar beet. sugar content of beet averaged 12.93 percent at a purity of 82%, of which factory acquired 5,685,552 pounds of sugar, providing 65% -ing extraction.

Farmers have expressed their approval when the company Michigan Sugar Company has paid an average of 4.51 dollars for every ton of beets, which immediately classifies sugar beets as the main harvest. Investors happy lot. Public Act 48 provided to producers of sugar profits, promising to pay the membership, roughly equivalent to one third of the estimated production costs by three percent. manufacturer's obligation to provide a guaranteed fee of $ 4 per tonne of beet, containing not less than 12% sugar and commensurate $ 4 for all beets that contain a greater or lesser percentage of sugar.

When the target price of four dollars, no yield in the history of mankind has not created a potential for the creation of such a high yield with so few hectares. A farmer with a higher average power, posted fifteen hectares of sugar beet, could earn $ 900, and if it were something & # 39; I have provided the bulk of the labor force, the net profit would exceed the care of the family & # 39 needs, and for the year, including food, it was less than 800 dollars. After adding income from crops such as wheat, corn and beans, as well as income from milk, eggs and poultry, the level of family life in the economy rose to the level of a living wage to the subsistence level, than compared with those who held positions of middle management . in the industry. Not only with the & # 39 sugar beet emergence of radically increased the standard of living of those who grow beets, but also established her reputation as a mortgage payer. Farmers who grow beets, was courted by bankers who wanted to find reliable borrowers, which allowed many farmers to quickly move from subsistence farming to a high income and, ultimately, to the status of wealth.

The official recognition of the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States economy in 1898, the importance of the sugar beet industry – combined with the success that took place right at home, with the original outstanding results Eseksvil factory, due to the rapid development. A year earlier, the country boasts only ten plants of sugar beet, four of which were in California, one in Utah, two in Nebraska and three in New York. Construction of seven plants of sugar beet in 1898 for the first time the focus of the excitement, which expands to a full boom until 1900, when the national number was thirty sugar beet plants in eleven states.

Nowhere was hotter than in Michigan, where nine plants followed the successful experiment Eseksvilya. Explosion cyclonic enthusiasm caused a furious fight, when investors, builders, bankers and farmers about the & # 39; combined energy and skills to revive the eight plants in one year! They were in Holland, Kalamazoo, Rochester, Benton Harbor, Alma, West Bay City, Caro and the second factory in Eseksvile. The Marine City, investors, inspired by the success in Eseksvile, paid Kilby Manufacturing Company 557000 dollars for the construction of the tenth factory of sugar beet Michigan. Despite the misfortune of building factories and engineers for their operation on the next six years on the outskirts of Michigan towns grew fourteen additional plants, the last of which with a & # 39; appeared in Blissfilde in 1905. In fifteen years, "Sugar Monitor" built twenty States fourth and final beet factory.

In 1898, when the passion was ignited in the hottest moments of enthusiasts shouting prediction of what Michigan quickly reminds one of a sugar beet field, which extends from the southern border to the northern-most tip of the Lower Peninsula. Lawmakers were alarmed by the fear that Public Act 48, designed to initiate the development of a new industry, could unleash a monster that will swallow the state budget. They stood together in silence with relief when Roscoe Dix State Auditor General announced Public Act 48 unconstitutional. The decision taken later by the Supreme Court of Michigan, cooled delighted sugar beet is only slightly because it was strong, and yet there was hope that the US Supreme Court overturned the decision of the Supreme Court of the State. These efforts failed when the US Supreme Court dismissed the appeal on the basis of jurisdiction. The court's decision was nothing more than a fast kick in Michigan, where beet enhanced the excitement bring fresh capital into the city, which would otherwise have suffered from extinction at the light attenuation of lumber.

If the loan was made at the sixty years earlier, the plant "Eseksvil" was the second beet plant in Michigan. Until the 1830s, the new European practice extraction from beet sugar with sugar cane captured the imagination of the individual, but like-minded, small groups of investors in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Michigan. The latter group was called the "White Dove" by the city, which organized the campaign. Experiments Michigan and Massachusetts eventually led to the construction of factories located for white sugar in commercial quantities. These are the first factory, plastered with the relics of French origin, the average of five tons of sugar beet sliced ​​per day, the amount processed in less than sixty seconds in today's plants. It is impossible to reach the goal of commercial production of sugar as it was not possible in one thousand eight hundred forty-one year.

While it is true that a good idea has a lot of parents, Michigan industry recognized one more than any other. It was Professor Robert Keady, the legendary professor of chemistry at Michigan Agricultural College (later Michigan State University) and defender of consumers pioneers who helped the country to stop the practice of wallpaper and volatile gas. He had the idea of ​​service expansion of agriculture. More than fifteen years he devoted to the research development of sugar beet as a result of earning a hard-nosed, "Father of Michigan sugar industry" for the unwavering commitment to the belief that sugar beet will play a vital role in the future of Michigan agriculture.

By 1906, thanks to Robert Keady and dozens of municipal leaders across the state who were willing to take desperate measures to save their dying community, the sugar beet industry in the state turned into three main groups, which will remain largely unchanged for the next 100 years. The first were those factories who have lived the life of at least ten years, one of which was the first factory in Michigan Eseksvile. The rest included four of the eight plants that are included in the world in 1899.

Factory in Rochester, Kalamazoo and Benton Harbor, plus one in Charlevoix were built by industrialists, who firmly believed in his samaabdumanuyu axiom that when it comes to farmers, "build it and they will come." The theory could not grow on sugar beet, when farmers saw little reason to take the lucrative fruit and vegetables on a product that is dependent on the plant for the conversion of agricultural commodities into marketable products. Factories could not grab the beets.

Baron Lerber Churchill led a group of investors to the idea to build a sugar mill of 600 tonnes per day just across the road from the factory "Eseksvil" in the state of Michigan Sugar Company, believing correctly that the 350-ton capacity plant has become an easy target for aggressive competitor. He was right. By 1903, he persuaded Tom Kranazha, president of the company "Michigan Sugar Company," about the & # 39; to unite with his new company. They named the new corporation, Bay City-Michigan Sugar Company, which virtually ceased to exist original company Michigan Sugar Company, and then start the process of closing the smaller plant.

In addition to the group of plants, intended for short-term existence, there were seven, which largely remain independent and live for an average of 41 years. Chief among them was the Dutch factory, which by all standards should have to go through other undersized 350-ton plants, but because of careful management of Charles Maclay, the former head of the school, who had a tenacity bear trap, the factory has gone through 37 years. The factory in the Netherlands was the only factory in the United States, which ceased operations on Sunday, and it was making in his first eleven years with high costs, but in accordance with the religious beliefs of the majority of society.

Bay City in 1899 was still fast woodcutter paradise, enjoying the last harvest timber, not looking up from a convenient substitution. Among the ruins zagnivaemay industry rose three urban beet plant which shows another example of perseverance – a comparison that is manifested in the Netherlands on term life and the will of one person to achieve success.

J. Mendel. Billy, head trained lumber accountant education assembled a group of investors who, as he had no experience in the production of sugar beet. Together they organized a sugar company West Bay City in 1898. Investors have entered into a contract with Bartlett and Howard, Maryland company from metallurgy, which sought to enter into a new hot industry – production of sugar.

Such was the confidence of the Bill, which he defined the qualifications for managing the factory without the help of technicians who have studied the intricacies of beet sugar factory. The result was predictably disastrous. The factory has reached only 126 pounds of sugar per ton of chopped beets, accounting for 48% of production at a time when factories are often reached 65-69%. Even the factory in the Netherlands, where twelve o'clock every Sunday stopped, recorded a higher level of production by 53%.

Those who pushed the rumors about the imminent failure to do so without first considering the indomitable spirit of Mendel Billy. He continued to work at the plant as part of 38 companies from attractive budget and charity plant managers who came to him for help with spare parts, experience and patience.

Five additional factories were a balance of independent, each with a story similar to that of Holland and West Bay City, where perseverance, lessons, hard work and dedicated artisans gave life to the plant, which, in turn, created the economic well-being of citizens and farmers in equal shares. Four of these plants existed in the mountains Clemens Mennomi, St. Louis and Bay City. The new plant in the city of Bay was the fourth erected in the vicinity of the city, which gave him more sugar factories than any city in America. First operated under the name of the German-American Sugar Company, it has evolved into a company Monitor Sugar Company. Fifth it was established in Blissfilde where luxury factory showrooms took center stage only to fall apart after a few years of mediocrity, when his main sponsor and benefactor Henry O. Havmeyer died suddenly of a heart attack.

When 1905 came to an end in Michigan for the production of sugar beet beginning to wander, does not look like a child's vertsitsu at the end of a vigorous rotation. Plants that opened a few years earlier, under the sounds of blowing, marching bands and patriotic speeches on political lamps, stood behind the closed gate, in reproaches blind forces that have made them so. Seven factories have closed, Eseksvil and five were located in Kalamazoo, Rochester, Benton Harbor, Sea City, Saginaw and East Tave, mostly because farmers are indifferent to the appeals of the representatives of the factory to grow beets. However, sixteen beet factories with a total daily capacity of pieces of almost eleven thousand tons remained in business.

Despite the catastrophe elsewhere, formed a new company, which will eventually become the only survivor among the state sugar companies. It was August 20, 1906, when the sugar company "Bay City, Michigan" made a deal with Charles Beecher Warren, its main shareholder and a native of Bay City, the establishment of the new company, which borrowed its name, "Michigan Sugar Company" з Мічыгана першапраходцы ў галіне буракоў.

Новы баланс кампаніі Michigan Sugar Company адлюстраваў актывы шасці цукровых заводаў, размешчаных у штаце Мічыган. Кампаніямі былі, у дадатак да цукровай кампаніі "Бей Сіці-Мічыган", цукровай кампаніі "Сагіна-Велі" ў Карролтане, цукровай кампаніі паўвострава ў Каро, цукровай кампаніі "Алма" ў Алме, цукровай кампаніі "Санілак" у Кросуэле і цукровай кампаніі "Себевайнг". ў Sebewaing. Уорэн будзе займаць пасаду прэзідэнта кампаніі да 1925 года, калі ён падаў у адстаўку ў чаканні прыняцця прызначэння прэзідэнтам Кулідж генеральным пракурорам ЗША. Аднак незвычайна капрызны сенат Злучаных Штатаў, паказваючы на ​​адносіны Уорана да цукровай прамысловасці, адхіліў кандыдатуру ў вузкім галасаванні. Віцэ-прэзідэнт Coolidge Чарльз Доўз, які мог павярнуць галасаванне ў карысць Уорэна, крыху задрамаў у гатэлі Willard. Ён прыйшоў у палату Сената занадта позна, каб змяніць вынік. Упершыню з 1868 года Сенат ЗША адмовіўся ад вылучэння кандыдатам у прэзідэнцкі кабінет, спыніўшы як выдатную кар'еру на дзяржаўнай службе Уорэн, так і яго сувязь з цукровай прамысловасцю. Раней ён займаў пасаду пасла ў Японіі (1922-1923) і пасла ў Мексіцы ў 1925 годзе.

Васямнаццаць гадоў пасля свайго заснавання, у 1924 годзе, штат Мічыган Цукар, дадаў да карпаратыўнага рэестра два дадатковыя заводы, калі да кампаніі далучыліся заводы бурачнага цукру ў Овоса і Лансінг. Праз дваццаць чатыры гады, у 1948 годзе, штат Мічыган Цукар набыў фабрыку Маунт-Плезант, разлічваючы набыць зямельныя надзелы, якія прадугледжаны федэральным заканадаўствам 1948 года. Фабрыка была пабудавана кампаніяй Monitor Sugar Company у 1920 годзе, а ў 1933 г. яе перавяла Ізабэла Sugar Company. Члены сям'і Карыэлаў, якія пад кіраўніцтвам Чарльза Карыла займалі кантрольны пакет акцый "Monitor Monitor Sugar Company" да 1982 года, таксама некаторы час займалі кантроль цікавасць да цукровай кампаніі Isabella. Да 1948 г. фабрыка стала закінутай, карыснай толькі для няцотных дэталяў і маркетынгавых выдзяленняў, прызначаных Міністэрствам сельскай гаспадаркі ЗША, што з'яўляецца непрыдатным канцом для кампаніі, якая паспяхова пачала пісаць дэсугарызацыю патакі з дапамогай іённага абмену за пяцьдзесят гадоў да таго, як працэс атрымаў прызнанне айчынная цукровая прамысловасць.

З закрыццём трох заводаў у "Menominee", "Бліссфілдзе" і "Сэнт-Луісе" ў 1954 годзе ў штаце Мічыган засталіся толькі дзве кампаніі – "Мічыганская цукровая кампанія", якая да таго часу кіравала чатырма з дзевяці заводаў, якія яна набыла: Caro, Carrollton, Croswell і Sebewaing, у той час як кампанія Monitor Monitor Sugar кіравала адной у Бей-Сіці. Абедзве кампаніі будуць канкураваць паміж сабой на працягу наступных паўстагоддзя, пакуль Мічыганская цукровая кампанія, тады 2002 г., была вытворцам кааператыву, які належаў 1300 вытворцам цукровых буракоў і набыла "Цукерную кампанію" Monitor "ад цукровай кампаніі Illovo, Дурбан, Паўднёвая Афрыка. 1, 2004 г.

Сёння камбінаваныя фабрыкі, кожны з якіх з'яўляецца прыкладам сучаснай тэхналогіі здабычы, маюць нарыхтоўку буракоў у 22000 тон у дзень (не лічачы Кэралантана, дзе вытворчасць прыпынена ў 2005 годзе) і здольнасць вырабляць больш за мільярд фунтаў цукру кожны год . Цукар прыходзіць на рынак у грануляваным, здробненым, карычневым або вадкім выглядзе, упакаваным у мяшкі вагой ад двух фунтаў да 2000 фунтаў або ў грузавых вагонах. Акрамя таго, кампанія выпускае больш за 150 000 тон патакі і цэлюлознай субпрадукцыі, што ў спалучэнні з цукровымі прадуктамі дае дзяржаве Мічыган значнае прысутнасць у айчыннай харчовай прамысловасці. Дзесьці, напэўна, губернатар Пінгры, які зрабіў столькі, каб стымуляваць эканамічнае дзіва, працягвае ўсміхацца.

football thanks

a fun and game always inevitable part of entertainment for both young and old. People in America celebrate this festival is a charity event, due to the rapid participation in the game football that brings a wave of pure joy and satisfaction in the hearts set of fanatical football fans who went & # 39 this holiday season; yatseli of football mania. Over the years, football It has become synonymous with this joyful holiday Thanksgiving day.

Many interesting traditions penetrates deep into the Thanksgiving Day, for example, a soccer game kamplimentue this festival of merrymaking. Professional football was the last of the modern trends of celebrating the spirit of gratitude. In 1874, eleven years after the proclamation of Lincoln, the first intercultural football the game was played. Two years later, in the north-east it was created Mizhkollegatsyynaya Football Association, which organized the championship game is mainly to entertain people on Thanksgiving day. Annually such strong competitors as Princeton and Yale, will follow one after another, to give the most coveted trophy winner. Players, students and fans will be wearing school colors to presentation sign banners that fly high above the carriages, hotels and business establishments in New York. on Thanksgiving day Church services early twist to accommodate the fans, the game begins with the season festiveness for the social elite of New York. He became so popular that soon the mid 1890s 1500000 athletes from colleges, clubs and high schools participated in 5000 Thanksgiving Football games across the country.

The custom of watching a football game on Thanksgiving Day was formed in the early decades of the twentieth century. While football made his way into the hearts of millions of people, gaining a lot of popularity back in the 1920s and 1930s, and earned himself a much more prestigious position, which he held at the moment, many people began to visit the football stadium to watch the same thing . Notable teams that play in the world-famous Football League In the end, there was a tradition in America to play in national television games on Thanksgiving Day. Apart from the usual competition, organized nationally recognized Football League in America, many high schools and colleges also organize "day Turkey"Football games per day weekend Thanksgiving, often between regional or historic rivals. However, football on Thanksgiving Day, which plays in schools and colleges of America, is now more or less moved into oblivion in most of the country, and he is still alive only in two cities of the franchise. this is internationally recognized Football League of Americanamely, Detroit and Dallas, where football thanks This very way of life.

football thanks Most often associated with the Lion team and tradition, which is popular since 1934 in the city of Detroit. The game was the idea of ​​G.A. Richards, the first team owner with a furious lion, like the quality of players that make up the team. In fact, four generations Detroyterav become a happy part of the American holiday of Thanksgiving Day. Through '71 fans living in Michigan, turned a local event in an annual festive event, giving it the shape of the greatest traditions in the history of American professional team sports. In fact, no other professional team sport it can apply for a role as US holiday as a team with February, the lion as a team player with Thanksgiving day. This team spent the game every Thanksgiving Day since 1934, except for 1939-1944 in connection with the Second World War. Dallas also held football matches every day Thanksgiving 1966.

Thus, we find that it all happened in 1934, when local radio performer GA Richards, acquired Spartan Portsmouth (OH) command and transported to Detroit Motorcity. The lions with & # 39; being a modern, arrived in the city, appeared in the back seat to baseball tiger in the pages of sports. The Richards were practical reasons for scheduling games on Thanksgiving Day, as it was also wise enough to understand that the best way to give publicity team would choose the Thanksgiving Day contest to attract fans Motor City during the first season teams. Violent clashes between lions and undefeated world champion, referring to reliable bears Chicago It turned out to be a classic of the time. The lions They were very good when they are supported by eight victories that led them to join together bears with a record of 10-1. But Chicago was an even better record, occupying a commanding position with 11 straight victories. Then the match has reached an interesting phase where a single victory in the fateful game would guarantee whether it will lions receive a first place tie bears. Two weeks before that fateful game has sold 26,000 tickets for the clash of "Turkey Day" at the stadium of the University of Detroit. Over the last two losses Richards was not worried because he was pleased with the way he played the first year. His faith and confidence in the team were well rewarded when lions He won popularity in America in 1935 Football Championship. The final match was scheduled on Thanksgiving Day, when the Lions defeated Medvedev 14: 2 to win the championship trophy in the west. Radio, with its huge potential of advertising used as bait to capture the audience. Richards with a national broadcasting company has created a network of 94 television stations Lions-Bears disassembly. Since then, the league suspended plans to hold two national television games on Thanksgiving Day, usually represented by well-known football Dallas, one of the most successful and popular franchises in sports and Detroit players, one of the least successful.

2006 will be the 87th season of world-famous American football and it is supposed to be held from September 7 until the New Year, on December 31, ideally, is scheduled for three games. Thanksgiving day. In addition to the traditional annual game between the world-famous American football On this day, domestic players Detroit and Dallas, the principal leaders of the State of Kansas, who spent their days playing in the Football League of America, are experiencing this tradition 2006 razmestsivshy Denver players on Thanksgiving Day. All these games are scheduled to broadcast in prime time.

Friends and family & # 39; I'm all over America generally prefer to huddle around the radio and television to capture a direct broadcast of the match, zhavayuchy special dishes prepared in the memory. Thanksgiving day. Thus, each day Thanksgiving actually revive the old, classical tradition to enjoy a football match as part of the celebration. For decades, football Thanksgiving and found a strong link that led to a high adrenaline.

Healing waters of Mount Clemens, Michigan

For over a century the world elite flock to the resort town of Mountain. Clemens, Michigan to soothe your body in the ancient healing waters of the Michigan Basin. With 34 essential minerals, Mt. Seawater contains Clemens greatest mineral content in any water body in the world.

Despite the fact that the glory days of "Bat-America City" are long gone, modern resorts and medical researchers in a different look at the unique mineral complex of the mountain. Clemens water.

In the era before antibiotics and modern medicine, Mt. Clemens annually attracts thousands of people to its famous mineral baths. Socialists and celebrities will come back year after year to "take the waters" in search of relief from aches and pains.

In 1868, the old horse was taken to the pasture, to end his days. Poor nags spent his time stamping in the mud and water near some abandoned, leaky tanks. Soon the horse stopped limping and thoroughly rejuvenated. Thus, they say, the opening of the therapeutic powers of water under the grief. Clemens.

News of the miracle spread, and soon gave up the mountain. Clemens was already. Supporters baths announced excellent effect of treatment to relieve the discomfort associated with skin problems, aching muscles and joints, and a number of other ailments. Postcards since proudly shows powerless, who came out of the bath, devoid of pain.

The first bath house was opened to the mountains. Clemens in 1873, and the industry grew steadily, reaching a peak of popularity in 1910-1911.

Last house that was in the bath, was closed in 1974. The only remaining is currently working well in the mountains. Clemens is owned by Geologix, Inc., which produces and Mineral Essentials Ache Away.

Guest lists from Mt. Luxury resort hotels Clemens reminded that this resort town was once a mecca for many wealthy and famous people. Here are just a few who have found relief from aches and pains in the healing waters:

o Henry Ford, the pioneer of the author

o Mae West, actress

o Babe Ruth, King home

o Booth Tarkingtan author

o William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate

o Helena Rubinstein, beautiful

o William Kellogg, of cereal porridges

o Jerome Kern, songwriter

o Eddie Cantor, singer / songwriter

o William Jennings Bryan, US Congressman

o Jack Dempsey, the boxer

o John L. Sullivan, a boxer

o William Shteynvey manufacturer Piano

Healing mineral waters Mt. Clemens with & # 39 is the product of the geological evolution of more than 600 million years. During the Paleozoic era in the field, which is now in the Great Lakes region, formed a shallow focus. Sea is a large swimming pool, now known as Michigan's pool, which is collected sediment from the sea and the surrounding land.

A sharp shift climatic conditions caused seawater will evaporate slowly, putting a layer on the layer of mineral salts. He remained thick mineral brine which contains a unique complex of 34 minerals.

Brine lay restlessly until 1862, when the exploration company, hoping to strike oil-rich, entered instead of thick mineral water. Finding that the water is rich in salt, the company tried to save the operation. Extract salt only with this rich mineral mixtures were simple, but low-grade Salle – everything that could be done. As a result, the commercial value has decreased, and the enterprise was short-lived.

Fortunately for the city of Mt. Clemens, rich in minerals brine found a better purpose. With the advent of the Great Depression and the growing popularity of "modern medicine," the number of visitors to the city. Clemens gradually decreased. At present, there is only one well for the access to the ancient sea water, which is used to create a line of medical and skin care.

While the glory days of Michigan "Bath City" are long gone, highly concentrated mineral water is abundant. It still is pumped out of the well, resulting from the depth of 1400 feet.

Mt. Clemens mineral water has the same mineral composition as today, when it was first discovered, and has a potency that does not succeed anywhere else on earth. In water, natural 34 minerals, equivalent to 2 pounds minerals per 5 liters of mineral water. In this water contains high concentrations of sodium, calcium and magnesium. Sodium provides energy for the active cell transport. Calcium has a calming effect, and is crucial for the overall mineral balance of the body. Magnesium, in addition to enhancing the viability of cells, also has therapeutic properties. It acts as an anti-allergy and need a lot of enzymes that stimulate cell activity and slow down the aging process.

The same minerals that are necessary to our skin and body daily to maintain a healthy balance, are found in abundance in the natural mineral water pool Michigan. These minerals support healthy cell metabolism, reduce pain in muscles and joints, to improve blood circulation, reinforce, restore and maintain structural integrity of the skin, the skin is cleaned and purified, and protect against loss of fluid.

Everything from diet to rough lifestyle can rob us of much-needed minerals. As a result, our skin and body loses an essential trace mineral, with the result that it becomes dehydrated, weak and slowly recovered.

Geologix, Inc. It includes mineral-rich waters Mt. Clemmons contains its therapeutic drugs and products for skin care products that make it easy to absorb the minerals into the skin to remineralised and replenish cells naturally. Transdermal absorption of this mineral allows to go deep into the body, supplying important mineral strength to the muscles, joints and skin.

Benjamin Butel, a real son of Michigan

Summer day in 1860 on the banks of the river lay along the river bank. The observer could be forgiven for what he did not realize that a lone passenger was the young people who grew into dominant in two areas of Michigan towing logs and the production of sugar, as well as promote the development of a number of companies in other areas that would add immeasurable wealth of Michigan's economy.

Skef fed in a continuous movement, under the influence of the waves that hit the shore and then retreated in accordance with the movement of ships and trains, which repulsed the Saginaw River channel. Her shkipernatstsatsigadovy skipper Benjamin Butel sighed dreamily. Movement along the river shook him deeper and he basked in the warmth of the sun, maryvshy of sea adventures, in which he was a major figure.

He did not hear the sounds of sawing and hammer, exit of ships from the shore and other noisy shelters typical of Bay City, Michigan in 1860. For ten years the city's population exploded from fifty souls to more than three thousand, every day comes more from Canada or Detroit to take a job in one of the fifteen mills located on the river bank. Before the timber close to forty years later, thirty thousand people called home Bay City, and more than one hundred sawmills posted riverbanks from Bay City to Saginavu, twelve miles away.

His father, Daniel Butel, had one of the hotels located a few meters from the south-east corner of Water Street and Third. Recently it was the home of the Sherman. Located opposite the shipping company of planting the "Detroit", he was often the first stop for newcomers to the city. Daniel moved his Butel something & # 39; nd thirty miles north of Birch Run to take a hotel and after an extensive renovation hung at the entrance to the new shingle. Now it was the home of Butel, home from home for the Great Lakes sailors who were forced to feel closer to some guests & # 39; and, the patrons, as many of the nine Butelav children shared the hotel with them.

Fascinated by the stories told by sailors, Ben loved the river and a large bay of Saginaw, the door to the Great Lakes, a doorway that he planned to go for one day. Meanwhile, he earned the road, calling the fire protection company, where he served as first assistant foreman and helped his father in the hotel where he was acquainted with questions about the sailors schooners, plumes, barges and tugs. The infectious smile and a genuine interest in languages ​​relaxed sailors enjoyed the enthusiasm of Ben; they are happy to share reports about his adventures and knowledge of all things nautical.

Having learned a lot about the nature of the goods that are moved from port to port on the Great Lakes, he began to pay special attention to the movement of logs hauled by powerful tugs. The task of transporting felled trees to the mill, located in one of the main towns in the state of sawmills, Saginaw and Bay City and Muskegon, was crucial to the success of the forest industry. Water transport provides the least expensive solution. Logs hewn from Michigan forests, swam downstream collected in estuaries, sorted in floating pens called "boom", and the tugs towed to the mills, which littered the river from Saginava to Bay City. From the forests along the shoreline of Georgian Bay in Canada tow tugs which were towing boom with thousands of logs across Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay to be sent to the sawmill that await.

The captains of tugs faced many threats: the sudden storm that threatened to destroy the fragile cords of logs that formed the arrow on the ship disaster, the explosion of boilers and fires that could leave crews abandoned to the cold water away from the rocky coast. The idea of ​​taking the helm of the ship razgarela fancy hotel son.

His ambitions have received a boost in the twenty-first year, when a fire destroyed the house Butel. Dan Butel fought with the flames, until only corruptible rubble. Light, closed the smoke, he worsened health, until death said about him in the next year. The existence of something & # 39; and in danger, Ben immediately signed up as a full-time sailor in the Free steam tug. Within a year he was a friend of the waves, and the following year earned documents laid on him the duties of the ship captain.

As captain Butelem, he took over command of Ajax, a steam tug, which recently became the property of the First National Bank in Bay. The bank acquired it in such a way as banks often purchase assets – by default. Twenty-two-year-old captain of the novice turned for help to the engineer by the name of Samuel Jones, whose salary as captains, was driven by the profit of the ship, and to the cook he treated tenderly Kitty aunt and has both an impressive girth and a penchant for adventure. Ben Jones and Aunt Kitty controlled by dragging a rope, which falls when working with Ben, as easily perform daily tasks, such as cutting wood for the boiler and the control of the boat business. Trio cleared for owners of 6000 dollars (about 84 million dollars in 2009), which gave the young captain of the ship's captain with a reputation for world-class knowledge of the Great Lakes.

Bold competence has attracted the attention of Captain William Mitchell, the master of the Union tugs. Mitchell was fond of frenzied young people with an attractive smile, whose energy seemed to be expanded to respond to any challenge. They became fast friends and business partners, acquiring over time tugs Park, barges, schooners and cargo trucks, which as a result had more than fifty. Butel organized large rafts, containing four million feet of lumber, making it the largest timber carrier lumber era. In general, an alloy made of wood and other towing tugs worked for his services to five hundred people. He found himself among them. Even if its assets and reputation grew, he remained at the helm of one or another buksirki five years alone, the captain Annie Moils until, finally, the debt created by his growing wealth, it is not contained on the beach.

Although Ben never left behind the boy, who spent the shore on a small float, the capital, he announced the owners of boats and a captain on Lake Michigan, on Lake Supereer, on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, in the end, would bring success. When Ben Butel, William Mitchell and future partner, Peter Smith committed himself with a branch of lumber, they tied themselves to the star, which rises, but a little at a distance, before the break. If the white pine forests melted away under the pressure of axes and saws, the need for butelyah Butelya disappeared. For a time, his plan went where it began, vyvozivshy logs from Canada. However, prohibitive duties have ended any hope of profit from Canadian wood. With a sinking heart, Ben, who once transported an average of one hundred million timber boards for the season, watching the shuttles at the docks.

It happened that the captain Benjamin Butel in 1897 at the age of fifty-three years, turned-off, but the unemployed and seeks new opportunities. Although he was no longer finish the young man who inspired the legend, he was still friendly, easy and, as always, dressed in clothes pamyatanuyu. Shaggy mustache – is all that remains of the once prominent beard, and though he carefully drew attention to the weekly sermon in the Episcopal Methodist Church of Madison Avenue, he said in his speech meaningless phrases that would bring deep furrows in the features of his minister, they were uttered in its presence. General cleanliness of the result of too many dinners, prepared under the direction of Amelia, his wife of nearly thirty years, deprived him ever sportswear collection. Although the body has become steeper, full and less able to individually control the falsification of the schooner, inquisitive young man was still present in his eyes, which shone on the idea of ​​adventure.

With the advent of lumber, thirty years after Ben adbuksavav its first raft of logs, many who have gained wealth in the forests of Michigan, moved away, carrying their wealth in the distant city. Ben Butel stayed put, reinvestuyuchy most of his wealth in Michigan. He opened his eyes to opportunities in many areas. Knowing little about any of them, insatiable curiosity, guided by its direction. Soon he owned major share of coal mines, shipping industry, machine-building plants, cement factories, banks, telephone companies, foundries, and sugar mills. His interests covered the country from Boston, where he owned offshore barge to the city of Redwood City, California, where he founded the country's first cement factory Portland State. In the end, he served as an officer or director of the thirty-two companies, nine of them in the sugar industry in Michigan. He also founded the Colorado potato and sugar beet industry, led by the two sugar companies in Colorado and served on the boards of two Canadian companies that later became the basis of the Canadian Sugar Company Dominion. In addition, he had a large farm, where they grow sugar beets, as well as a ranch on 4,000 acres in the northern part of the state.

Only for his interest in sugar would be enough to have two or three leaders were busy year. Not a single person in Michigan did not devote so much of their wealth and time developing in the sugar beet industry, as Captain Benjamin Butel. He was one of the first founders of the company for the production of beet sugar in Michigan, the company's Michigan Sugar Company, where he served as Director and Vice President. He held a similar position in the Sugar Company Bay City. He was co-founder of Sugar Company Saginaw, where served as treasurer and held directorships. He was president of the Sugar Company "Lansing" and the treasurer of the Sugar Company "Marine City" and has held Director posts in the Sugar Company in Mount Clemens, Keralantan and Meno.

Wide Sugar Trust, an organization that for decades kept the supply of sugar in the steel did not have their support. With the growth of confidence in the government, he sold his shares of companies that have come under his control, and invested in independent companies, keeping a distance from the forms of business organization, which lost commitment in America.

Butel captain with equal ease in command deck of sailing salons and meeting rooms, making regular investments, which prevented the formation of hundreds of companies. But, having a portal of his house, he went into a matriarchal society, which is headed by his wife Amelia and her identical twin sister Cornelia.

Amelia Datlinger Charlotte and her sister were born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1850 or 1851. Their father died when he was three months old, and forced them to move to her mother Katharine Bay District. There she managed the hotel with the help of the twins when they were old enough, two servants and a bartender. Among the guests in 1869 was Ben Butel, angry young man, who at twenty-four years and has already become a legend means. The fact that he was a catch, certainly not escaped the notice of Amelia and Cornelia or their widowed mother.

Amelia was the owner of a brilliant personality and good looks, and although physically identical twin sister, she somehow introduced a difference in Bene. Perhaps it was a friendly attitude and careless attitude brought her joy and a smile that will remain in the memory of men. Her red hair kaskadavali long and full shoulders, ending London that bounced with each step.

Cornelia seemed to be more guarded and often criticizes the guests, many of whom do not meet its stringent standards of clothing and deportation. Mentions Amelia Ben began to sound like wedding bells Cornelia. She hinted at the beginner a love affair.

The courtship was short, formed by a busy schedule sailor on the Great Lakes. They were in love, and at this period not yet started to be used, they were like-minded. Each lost his father at a young age, everyone spent the formative years of adult responsibilities, helping the operation of the hotel, and everyone tried to live, metered achievements. The marriage took place on 22 December 1869 after the naval band closed for the winter. Ben and Amelia waited a long honeymoon, which ends when the Great Lakes in March thaws.

Before the honeymoon is over, Cornelia in great suffering landed on the doorstep to recover from the tragic turn of events in her love life. Thereafter sister become inseparable; No one would go anywhere without the other. At the insistence of Amelia Ben I bought two schemes, coats, dresses and hats set in monogram to identify twins, which he belonged. Kimnuvshy that took persistence Cornelia's presence in their lives, he called one of his ore barges "twin sister." I loved the twin he called "Mail".

The only difference between the twins had a small mole on the neck Amelia for one ear. Ben, however, had a secret way to distinguish one from another: Amelia features typically depicted satisfaction and aspect Cornelia was acidic and irritable. The birth of three sons, Frederick William and Benny gave Amelia a special goal of life, while monitoring their development in the cultural gentlemen became a special mission for Cornelia in the large coastal city forest river. She gave any hope to do the same for my brother in law. Its main mass combined with nepasedlivastsyu made each delicate subject in his reach vulnerable to breakage; cups, glasses, jewelry clasps and exquisite furniture seemed to be in his presence break and split.

The sisters have determined that it is time to establish the size of the captain and the residence is decorated in such a way that the right to declare the width of life achievements. According to their will, he purchased four adjacent lots in the city of Bay City on Fifth and Madison Street, a block from Central Avenue. Today, "Central Avenue" offers a spectacular residential architecture of the late XIX – early XX century, for which she won a place in the National Register of Historic Places. For well-known citizens of Bay City in 1890 and the subsequent half-century it was the right place to live. Loggers and leaders in the field of beet sugar, coal, shipbuilding and other industries built stylish homes that reflect their significant achievements.

Philip F. Floter, a prominent architect who designed several years earlier Trinity Episcopal Church, was engaged in the works of planning and then construction of the mansion, designed for dwarf House Avenue Center, both in magnitude and in ornamentation.

Floter imported Italian tile and marble fireplaces and eleven ordered significant quantities of mahogany, maple, birch and pine for home, and for the inner liner. Living showed love Ben to the Great Lakes. He was in the shape of the bow of the boat, and in the length of it was a mirror from floor to ceiling, hung on either side of the high mirrored wardrobes. Another tribute to the bright stones on the Great Lakes, made from Lake Erie and mounted in front gables, – attracted the attention of passers-by. The panels coated with the inner walls to a height of five feet, and the area above them was covered with a cloth first, and then decorated with gold leaf. Lighting made of sterling silver.

In addition to storage in the basement are kitchen and dining room where Ben was entertaining business colleagues and friends who prefer to smoke cigars, paying each other Bakchychu prohibited in other areas. On the second floor are two private balconies, and the house of their entire length on the porch of the ground floor were open. From this point of view, it was possible to look at the river and heard a sigh sugorkav that pass in the night. The house was painted green with white trim – of course, marine paint. A large barn, which houses four water horse and the cart standing outside the house.

The bottles were kept. He avoided the attention, which often prefer managers and community leaders, the previous speech, holding public office, or any other attributes that accompany success. Compared with people who conducted the department ever performed in front of a business social groups Bay City, Benjamin was shameful and almost retiring. With the exception of his mansion, concessions to his wife, which he did not deny, he avoided public wealth. He was more likely to encourage children who gathered at his spacious lawn, where he built for them a female, than to engage in politics and often spend time with family & # 39; it than a business with & # 39; congresses.

January in the Gulf region Saginavu the cold. Ice thickens in the bay and river pace slows down and there is finally completely stopped. Every day brings a warning about these cold days when winter settles to keep the region in a cold embrace until spring. The year was 1902 and the Bay City five months longer every year in prison on frozen waterways; Now Railways allowed to go to those places where Ben was doing business. Ён часта скарыстаўся імі для паездак у ЗША і Канаду, дзе прысутнічаў на пасяджэннях саветаў дырэктараў і сходах акцыянераў альбо для ацэнкі новых інвестыцыйных магчымасцей.

Вярнуўшыся з адной такой экскурсіі ў канцы студзеня 1902 г., ён увайшоў у свой дом, дзе разам знайшоў Амелію і Карнэлію ў гасцінай. Рукі Карнэліі былі занятыя вязаннем шалі, адзін з многіх падарункаў, якія яна і Амелія рабіла на працягу года для членаў сям'і і царквы. Рукі Амеліі былі ў яе на каленях, адна сагнутая ў другую, незвычайная пастава для Амеліі, якая, як і Бэн, звычайна была занятая ад світання да змяркання.

Нешта іншае прыцягнула яго ўвагу, паслаўшы халодную дрыготку ўздоўж пазваночніка. Двайняты ўжо не аднолькавыя! Праўда, іх сукенкі, як заўсёды, былі аднолькавымі, моднымі пасляабеднымі сукенкамі Эдуарда, чорнымі, і ў адпаведнасці з пралітымі метадыстычнымі поглядамі, упрыгожанымі ювелірнымі вырабамі. Кожны цяпер насіў валасы, зацягнутыя назад і замацаваныя ў шыньёне на патыліцы. Але асаблівасці Амеліі змяніліся на працягу некалькіх тыдняў, калі ён быў у адсутнасці, альбо ў любым выпадку, ён заўважыў навала змяненняў, якія пазбягалі яго ўвагі, калі ён бачыў яе кожны дзень.

Яна схуднела, твар быў сцягнуты і вузкі; плечы яе нахіленыя, нібы ў паразе, і, што самае страшнае, бляск пакінуў яе вочы. Ён развёў галавой налева і заўважыў пару дзіцячых пальчатак, якія сядзелі на пярэдняй падстаўцы і кропелькі вільгаці на падлозе. Нягледзячы на ​​ўладкаваны выгляд, ён здагадаўся, што двое дабраліся дадому незадоўга да яго і паспяхова арганізавалі сябе, каб падмануць яго, паверыўшы, што яны там былі ўвесь дзень. Іголкі для вязання мільгаюць у занятых руках Карнэліі. Яе погляд паляцеў спачатку на Амелію, а потым на Бэна. Амелія прымусіла падняцца, каб павітацца з мужам, але Бэн, убачыўшы яе бяду, кінуўся праз невялікую прастору паміж імі і ўзяў яе на рукі.

Ён выклікаў спецыялістаў на свой бок і адвёў яе да тых, хто не змог яе наведаць дома. Яна зрабілася ўсё горш. Рак стаў шостай прычынай смерці ў Мічыгане ў той перыяд пасля туберкулёзу, хваробы сэрца, пнеўманіі, халеры і грыпу. Нягледзячы на ​​лютыя намаганні Бена, каб выратаваць яе, яна стала горш.

У Дзень падзякі Бэн зразумеў, што Амелія зразумела, што канец наблізіўся. Ён наблізіў крэсла да яе ложка, калі яна кволым рухам заклікала яго наблізіцца. З занадта тонкім голасам, каб праехаць больш за некалькі футаў, яна агучыла свае канчатковыя пажаданні. Карнелія, нагадала яму, была часткай яе жыцця з моманту яе нараджэння і часткай Бэна з моманту яго шлюбу. Яна заклікала яго выйсці замуж за Карнэлію, каб абараніць багацце сям'і, якое пагражала б падзелам альбо поўнай стратай у выпадку, калі Бенджамін выйдзе замуж за іншага. Ажаніся, Карнэлія, – сказала яна, і ўсё застаецца разам, дзе яна належыць.

Яна сціснула руку Бена з той невялікай сілай, якая засталася, і папрасіла, каб ён паабяцаў ёй зараз. У трыццаць тры гады шлюбу Бэн выканаў кожнае жаданне; Цяпер ён не бачыў прычын дэмурыраваць. Ён даў абяцанне, потым усміхнуўся і сказаў ёй, што зрабіць гэта проста абяцанне, таму што яна стане правільнай, як дождж да Каляд, не пазней за ўсё!

Амелія памерла праз пяць дзён 25 лістапада 1902 г. Бэн захаваў зарок на смерці і ажаніўся на Карнэліі праз чатырнаццаць месяцаў 11 лютага 1904 года.

Бэн павялічваў тэмп сваёй дзейнасці, ствараючы кампаніі, пашыраючы іншыя і прысвячаючы дадатковы час грамадскім праектам, такіх як заснаванне YMCA і YWCA, служыў папячыцелем царквы, а таксама бясплатна выдаваў свой час і грошы мясцовым патрэбам. .

У красавіку 1912 года ён прысутнічаў на сходзе акцыянераў Wallaceburg Sugar Company у Валаслабургу, Антарыё. Па заканчэнні сустрэчы ён прыбыў на чыгуначны вакзал у Чатэме для зваротнай паездкі, калі рухавік разаграваўся. Чорны дым дзьмуў ад дымавой залы. Збойны рухавік нібы крычаў! Спяшайцеся! Кандуктар, нецярплівы да пасадкі ў апошнюю секунду, нахіліўся наперад, нібы прыбраўшы невялікую драўляную прыступку, якую пасажыры пасадзілі ў цягнік. Бэн уварваўся ў лупу. Толькі калі ён узяўся за планку, якая дазволіла б яму размясціцца на борце, цягнік нечакана падскочыў наперад. Адной рукой ён трымаўся, падымаўся на борт, але не хапала сіл, каб завяршыць манеўр. Ён аслабіў хватку і ўпаў на платформу. Спачатку ён лічыў сябе не больш чым моцна ўзрушаным. Вярнуўшыся дадому, ён пачаў адчуваць дыскамфорт, потым боль, потым агонію. У хуткім часе ён патрапіў у паўсвядомае стан, ад якога 26 кастрычніка 1912 года ён пайшоў са смерці.

Калі Бенджамін Бутэль увайшоў у гісторыю, Мічыган страціў члена кадра смелых мужчын і жанчын, якія нарадзіліся недалёка ад часу існавання дзяржавы. Ён уводзіў бадзёрасць і рызыкоўнае стаўленне да памежнай дзяржавы, ствараючы сябе піянерам на Вялікіх азёрах і на фермах Мічыгана, а таксама ў падтрымцы шэрагу прамысловых праблем. Калі Мічыган сутыкнуўся з эканамічнымі цяжкасцямі падчас паступовага спынення вытворчасці піламатэрыялаў, ён ігнараваў бяспечныя шляхі і замест гэтага пагрузіўся ў новыя галіны, якія пашыралі эканамічныя магчымасці ў меншых гарадах Мічыгана, рызыкуючы нявызначанай фінансавай аддачы для сябе, у той час як іншыя ў сваёй сітуацыі прыносілі прыбытак у Мічыгане, у далёкіх, больш бяспечных гаванах, Нью-Ёрку, Кліўлендзе і Бостане. Толькі ён запомніўся як сапраўдны сын Мічыгана.


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РЭГУЛЯЦЫІ ІНФЛАЦЫІ: Дадзеныя да 1975 года ўяўляюць сабой статыстыку індэкса спажывецкіх цэн з гістарычнай статыстыкі ЗША (USGPO, 1975). Усе дадзеныя з таго часу паходзяць з штогадовых статыстычных тэзісаў Злучаных Штатаў. Запісана на

Гадавыя справаздачы Мічыгана, Мічыганскі архіў, Лансінг, Мічыган

Lexington Hotel reveals the secrets of Al Capone

Lexington is located at the corner of 22th St. Michigan Avenue on the South Side of Chicago, it was the headquarters and nerve center of the empire racketeering and racketeering Al Capone. For innocently cupboards of sheets and hospitality forms were the secret door to the stairs that led to dozens of rooms, for example, pictures, where Capone and his gangster associates engaged in its purpose. Other secret passageways led to his own chest with drugs Capone, as well as taverns and brothels, interconnected hidden tunnels. Other tunnels led to the hatches on Lieve, which provided the way of escape for mafionav who fled from police raids and rival gangs.

Lexington hotel was originally built in 1892, designed by architect Clinton Warren, who also designed the Congress Hotel. Lexington was rather hastily built of brick and terracotta, to put the weight of which is expected to arrive in Chicago at the World Fair in 1893. President Benjamin Harrison once made a large balcony in front of a huge audience on the street beneath. Al Capone moved to Lexington in July 1928 and officially registered as "George Phillips" took deluxe room 5th floor. Cabinet Capone had views of Michigan Avenue.

In the lobby of armed militants in the hotel form follows closely behind the front door, and the upper floors were patrolling machines, armed with machine guns. From there he directed his distant, and very lucrative illegal activities until October 1931, when it was carried out from the hotel to the prison. The pinnacle of the success of Al Capone – and a harbinger of his fall, was the massacre of Valentine's Day in 1929, which effectively destroyed the last gangster Capone competitors and brought the wrath of the public and the federal government (Elliott Ness who sent for help) went down on his head.

Indeed, Al Capone had a number of storage facilities at the lowest levels at Lexington, where the hidden loot. These arches were so well hidden that even the closest associates of Capone did not know where they are. In the 1980s, after the glory of Lexington days are long gone, female construction company was considering the possibility of restoring the hotel Lexington. Researchers are exploring the ruins of the destroyed hotel located sealed rooms where famous hidden state Capone.

In 1986, a well-known talk show host shows Gerald Rivera lifted a live audience on national television to the place in his perfect form of shirts for the modern treasure hunt. IRS agents were also present in anticipation of its share of production. Crew Rivera broke through the concrete wall of 7,000 pounds, which was considered a secret haven of happiness Capone … but when the smoke cleaning, only the old sign and a few empty bottles were found. If there was once a happy, it has long been taken away.

Landmarks of the Traverse City

Traverse City – a beautiful place located in the County of Grand Traverse Michigan, which extends into the county Lelanau. It is surrounded by strange beaches, cool people and stellar numbers.

The city also has a share of culture and attractions. With award-winning chefs and wines, located on almost every street, it's hard not to run into a world-class food. The city has received broad provision in numerous publications for a wide selection of dishes and great taste. Among these publications: Midwest Living magazine, and Bon Appetit. The food in the region – is a combination of imagination and enthusiasm. Perhaps its most defining feature with the & # 39 is the consistent use of fresh fruit and vegetables, grown and harvested from nearby farms and forests. And urban vineyards the same caliber.

If fine food is not enough to draw you in, perhaps, the city beaches make this work. The region has more than 150 miles of shoreline of Lake Michigan lines and almost 150 lakes covering 10 acres or more. No matter what you want to spend their time alone or in the spirit of dialogue, there is a beach to accommodate you and your family & # 39; and.

With so many things that have come, you might think that Traverse City can not remain a lot, but the city certainly proves one thing. In and around the city you can find a wealth of cultural attractions. Do you have a name: in museums, art galleries, historical sites, opera houses, etc.

Thousands of tourists annually in the summer going to the hotel and the beach in Traverse City; some even come in the winter to the many events that take place at this time. This is definitely the perfect place to relax.

Michigan – not the best state in the US right now, especially given the state of the economy, but the Traverse City is still a & # 39 is a great place to visit no matter. Visit the city perfectly.

On its Web site lists the city are many cultural and historical attractions. In addition, in the coming months, planned a lot of activities. And do not let you cold out & # 39; e restrain the city in the winter as beautiful as in summer, and hotels are cheaper, if it is cold. See you there!

How to find the best hotels in Chicago

There are several different factors when trying to find the best hotels in Chicago. Price, location, amenities and quality of service can enter into the equation.

  • Use the Internet to find the best hotels in Chicago. Budget-minded travelers should check out the less expensive hotels that are commonly found on South Michigan Avenue.
  • Hotels located near the prey, and in the Near North Side of Chicago, are generally more expensive. In remote areas of the city there are a few nice hotels at a reasonable price. Hotels such as the Hotel Long in Brontsvile or Best Western in Des Plaines, offer comfortable accommodation at an affordable price. It is only a short ride on the "L" in downtown Chicago.
  • North Michigan Avenue, where you will find some of the most expensive hotels, such as the city center and Tsimanta Marryot. Although these upscale hotels may cost more, many of them offer the biggest discounts.
  • If you want a hotel right in the heart of Chicago, you can see the hotel located on the Loop. One of the biggest hotels there – Hilton House Palmer.
  • People who are looking for hotels in the quiet, semi-residential area, may want to consider the neighborhood of Lincoln Park. You can easily get to Michigan Avenue to the north and loop sitting in the Chicago transit trains.
  • The airport hotel, travelers can find some of the best hotel values ​​in Chicago. Think about finding Chicago O & # 39; Hare Hilton or Hyatt Regents O & # 39; Hare.

There are many good proposals in hotels, if you know where to find them. You do not have to stay in a cheap hotel to save money – not when you can get discounts on travel for some of the best luxury hotels in Chicago.