Preparing for the end of the year: checks for preservation

In this article I will discuss what to store receipt, and give an overview of which taxes and delivery need to know.

-What admission save / toss that

1. Personal – store only those receipts that relate to something in your tax return. examples:

a. Medical bills / receipts

b. bills / receipts for child care, if you took a deduction for child care

c. wins / losses gambling

d. contributions (both monetary and nemanetarnyya)

e. Run Log for health care and charitable time

f. receipts for repairs / maintenance in any property

g. any proceeds of investment costs

h any receipts for work expenses, you keep it. (eg union dues)

i i. any forms received by mail, to be associated with your tax return (1099 simple, etc.)

j. a different look at each line of the tax return, which has a number, and save the documentation on this issue!

2. Power / entertainment business – a 50% tax deduction

3. Logs run for the passed-mile or the actual vehicle expenses (gas, oil, repairs, etc.)

4. All receipts pertaining to the conferences / Education (transportation, hotel, meals, etc.) – so, QuickBooks Bootcamp – it vylikovyya business expenses while you are engaged in business time (not thinking only about the beginning).

5. All costs associated with a home office – keep accounts / backups for the calculation of your content from a home office

6. All invoices / receipts for major purchases (fixed assets) – see part 3

7. Pretty much any piece of paper related to the income and expenses of the business during the year, see Schedule C tax return (which lists income and expenses of the business) and make sure you can back up all the numbers listed there. .

Look at the tax requirements of your business

1. The sales tax in your state / out of state. This becomes even more of a problem because the state violated, to make sure that you understand the laws on the tax on the sale in any state in which you can have a "connection" to (ie, if you have a physical or some other presence there)

2. Taxes on employment. If you have employees, make sure you have expert help to properly adjust wages. Failure to comply with the legislation on taxes on wages may deprive you of work.

3. The 1099 premiership & # 39; er – is once again a hot topic. The new Law on Health Protection in 1099 changed the rules for the worse. Reporting requirements are much more stringent. I cover this in January blogs. For now, if you hire the services of which are not & # 39 are staff (accountant, lawyer, construction work, cleaning service, etc.), keep in mind that you will need to send them to 1099 if you paid $ 600 or more per year.

4. Taxes on personal property. In Michigan, we pay tax on the assets of their businesses through our local town or village. Make sure that you know for any taxes you are responsible through the local jurisdiction. If you are not sure, contact your county county office for help in this. And check on their public website or the information booklet on how to start a business in your state.

5. Other annual filing – Once again it depends on the state. I shall provide a fee of $ 25 a year to register their company. Your business may have other requirements depending on your condition and the type of business. Sometimes the information is required for the return of information, and can be suras & # 39; severe penalties for their supply.

To sum up, you know all the licenses and taxes, under the responsibility of your business. Sometimes it's best to contact a local CPA, when you start to set up, to make sure that you are correctly registered in your state.

Lake Kariba (Zimbabwe) sentenced a haven for relaxation or waiting?

Frankly, this vacation paradise was convicted and unused for the past five years. I was there in September 2004, and it was quiet, which was great for us, but not for the local economy and the Zimbabwean economy. Can you imagine that in the heart of the African desert is nothing but a huge water space, mountains and knew on the banks of a really natural wild animals? For me Lake Kariba – House "home boat". Ever since I was a teenager, I've heard about these homemade boats. Floating holiday on the vast expanse of water. What I did not know, was the size of these floating hotels, and how large Lake Kariba really. In the vast majority of our call all ports that can be seen on the horizon – it is water.

Landing at the airport in Harare is similar to the arrival at any airport in the Third World. In our time, not too much, than much less. A trip to the Caribbean in the column was pretty exciting because knowledge turmoil in the country and do not know what to expect, but we had some local people with us and they assured us that it will be good. What changes have occurred in Zimbabwe in seven years before it took its degradation. Most of the stations are closed, fenced and closed – waiting for fuel. Driving through the countryside, abandoned farms, barns with only shells, wood and roof fingered, creating makeshift homes (houses). Once prosperous country agriculture is now reduced to a nation that produces subsidence. A trip to the Caribbean takes about 5 hours. Three hours plus to Harare you enter the national park. Wow – no fences and a lot of games.

Turning off the main road, otherwise you will find yourself in Zambia, really strange. Do not move too fast, because you are in fact among the wild. We saw slanasts elephant, giraffe and a lot of dollars. It is also a picturesque landscape, down the hills and mountain passes, flat landscapes with the famous African kustarodam and still knowing that you will enjoy the next ten days to complete maintenance on the boat cruise – a paradise. Passage through the last mountain pass and see the vast expanse of Lake Kariba beautiful. I could not believe that it is so widespread that the city and around the Caribbean and to the wall – the mountains that overlook the water. breathtaking scenery.

I expected that the home will be a small boat, the old and outdated. Which is a surprise when I saw him, and four of the crew, who were waiting for welcoming drinks. It's hot, very hot. The boat has one floor at water level and one upstairs. Below – four cabins, kitchen (galley) and a pantry. Upstairs is a huge entertainment area beyond the dining room, all under a canopy with open ends, a bridge over which the captain steers the boat, and in front of the outdoor pool. Two gentle boat towed behind this massive house on the water that runs on a huge diesel engine.

After all the luggage, food and drinks were loaded, the captain left the mini-harbor. I have often heard of Lake Kariba and a large expanse of water, was now sitting in the pool in front of the home boat, cooling down with ice-cold beer, I could not believe the size of the lake. We got out of the harbor into the open the mirror, and it was huge. African landscape on the side of Zimbabwe & # 39 is the perfect image when the mountains descend sharply to the lake around the city of the Caribbean and to the wall. To the south of the city of the Caribbean mountains are removed from the lake and gradually descend towards the African bush, which eventually coast. An hour later, still in the pool, relaxing with an ice beer is not too far away, we are warned to wear sunscreen from cruel and harsh African sun. We hear the cries of excitement and there on the coastline heard a huge elephant. The coastline on the side of Zimbabwe is about a mile from us. To see them up close, you need a pair of binoculars. Coastline Zambia goes beyond the horizon of the water. This gives you an idea of ​​how wide the lake really is. We're going back in the shadow of the entertainment area and relax in the many lounge chairs, sheltered from the sun is now a huge tent. This is probably one of the most tranquil of holidays that I have ever had. Perfect for the southern siesta. We move to our first port call. Ring ports – a remote stop on a cruise or on small islands or on the mainland in the reserve. There are no towns and villages, and the only wild animals that greet you, then there is no civilization, do not take your mobile phone.

Late in the afternoon, and after 4 hours on a cruise, we hear the engines slow and we realize that we have reached the destination. Captain gradually leads the boat almost to the shoreline, and the crew of the boat ties long mooring ropes. We're actually parked on the beach. The captain turns off the engine, and there is silence as you have never experienced. Then you start to hear nature. Kara hippos and we all look, sure enough, that the family & # 39; and hippos. I counted six. Two tender boats loaded refreshments, fishing gear and snacks. We choose a boat and go. This is the main trip. Small coves along the coastline are many, but the captains of the tender boats, one – the captain of the boat home, and the second – the chief butler know these areas as the back of their hands, guide us to the best places for fishing.

As you can imagine, fishing is good (mainly bream), because you are in the depths, where there are so many people. We support the dinner and snacks. I was a little skeptical about the use of bream, I prefer marine fish and had never eaten fresh bream. Now the sun begins to come on the horizon over water. We are told that we have to go back. There is not nothing like a cruise late in the day on the water with a relaxing gin and tonic and a beautiful African sunset. On the home boat we head to the showers. Preparation on the upper deck, we are met before the meal and the coming darkness, we chatted about the day's events. Suddenly the dark, and the crew call us for dinner. Man, they can prepare. By eight o'clock all were killed and retreated to bed. Most of us slept on mattresses on the deck outdoors. Senior people slept in the cabins below.

At about four-thirty in the morning you are woken up by the downward movement and the rich aroma of coffee. You have twenty minutes to wash, apply a generous amount of sunscreen cream, coffee and rusks before the next fishing adventure now on fragile boats. Now the sun rises over the mountains, you feel the warmth and know that you will vylyud the rest of the day. Between ten and eleven in the morning we come back with their catch, and we want to eat. We were met by a superb breakfast. While we were enjoying our dinner, the captain starts the engine, and the rest of the crew unties the boat docks. He veers off the bay and heads back to the wide expanse of Lake Kariba. We are in the next port of call. We finish dinner, and some of us quickly akunyayutstsa in the pool and relax with the gentle movement of domestic boats that kruizue on the lake. The rest of the day cruise is located between the siesta, considering the wild animals on the beach and playing card and board games.

We arrive in the next port of call with very different landscapes. More, but we meet with the family & # 39; her elephants. Now elephants – my favorite animals. Close and in the wild is one of the highlights of my vacation. Hippos there, too, along with a lot of bucks. The practice is the same with the previous day with tender boats and fishing. It's not boring, as there is always something to see. The wide variety of birds to elephants from & # 39 is out of the bush, and everywhere the amazing hippos near water. Too many crocodiles, hippos but care must be taken, as they will charge your boat, if you are too close to them. If they do, you will certainly be a dish for crocodiles. After another very successful paslyaavdnovay fishing we have another cruise that returned to the house.

The rest of the trip is about the same as on the first day, but, as I said, it's always interesting and never boring. So much wild life, fresh air and the days fly by. Looking at the Evening Star incredible when shooting stars and satellites move across the sky. With so many hundreds of miles between you and the nearest city, you can imagine the number of stars that you can see. We did not see lions, but heard them roar one or two nights. One day after the roar we saw fluttering vultures. The locals and the crew said they are waiting for the lions graduate "kill" so that they can move on. They must have been five hundred meters from us.

Unfortunately, the time has come to return to the city of the Caribbean. Some said that they had spent their vacation and now must return to everyday life. I could hold out longer. I usually recommend this amazing vacation on a boat on Lake Kariba to anyone, however, given the state of Zimbabwe at the moment, unfortunately, no. Who knows, soon things can change for the better, and it's really become a very popular destination?

Christmas fantasy Amish: Simple and fantastic Christmas by Cynthia Keller – Error birth rebirth

If you received an anonymous, a true letter, which says that you have mistakenly switched at birth and biologically belong to Amish parents, you would have kept their appointment? That's the premise of a new fictional book, Traditional and trendy Christmas Cynthia Koehler.

Two babies were born a few days of each other in a hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, thirty years ago. Both were named Rachel, one of which belonged to the kings, some local & # 39; and Amish. Other Rachel (she, too, Eli) was born with Jill and Nina Lawrence from New York. During a trip to the city Nina came in order.

Nenatalnaya nurse Violetta romantically involved and eventually married, then fifty, pediatrician Paul Thornton. Closed alcoholic, he defiantly turned both babies in the hospital. Both were silent for the car & # 39; EASURES.

Now after Dr. Thornton is going through his mortality, Violetta writes katartychny letter in which he informs the two women that occurred thirty years ago: "Two women in two different states, have received the same letter then she could finally breathe freely. knowing that she had done something that should have been done long ago. "

Discovering your ancestry, every woman confirms things about its essence. Eli offended clutter and disorganization, a key feature of the Amish. Rachel has always questioned the life of her family & # 39; and their faith, and in the world.

Rachel Yoder (Rachel's husband, Jacob, died three years ago of cancer, and she and eleven daughter Katie returned to live on the farm King) affects the revocation of the sheet; still chooses to remain silent.

However, Eli Lawrence intrigued her genealogy; and decides to continue meeting with the biologically amishskimi parents.

Rachel received a letter from Eli about her intentions; and she is forced to put the accident in the hospital for my family & # 39; and.

Kings agree to visit Ely. Then wanting to spend more time with the Kings, Eli asks to stay on the farm for a week. Kings oblige. While there, she dressed more simply wears less make-up and participates in the daily milking cows at 16.30. She also gets a reprieve from the post of vice-president in the Manhattan firm of public relations: "No office politics, no gossip, any good treatment to people who can not stand it."

Rachel shamefully aware of its zeal to Eli; and she realizes that she is also free to explore their heritage. Laurence welcomes her mid-visit with its new, long desired granddaughter, Katie.

Couples enthusiastically showered clan Lawrence, when they like tea at the Plaza, as well as tours of the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.

After his weekly visit with the Kings Ely determines what he wants with them additional time. She meets up with Rachel, and reveals her intentions, daring deeds alien to Rachel. "I wish that we were friends. Eli's tone was thoughtful. But it seems it does not work. Why pretend?"

Eli suggests that Rachel and her daughter Kathy fail Manhattan apartment and communication with Lawrence. After much deliberation, Rachel agrees to the embarrassment of her parents, who are opposed to uproot Katie to live in a big city.

Summarizing Katie in the city is less than ideal. Conversely, Rachel realizes her effortless desire to go beyond the standard school in the Amish in the eighth grade.

Navabranaya Eli Elishama lives in incessant new experiences, including new classes and novel.

Many authors of fiction, based on the culture of the Amish, a few, but carried away by the depth of the plot as Keller. Traditional and trendy Christmas creatively combines storylines for processing holiday reading.

Discover Internet radio dedicated amishskim way at:

Travel to Detroytse – first impressions driving Simbad and dinner on the waterfront

After my studies in Windsor I had to own to explore Detroit before my scheduled vaditselnay city tour. Thanks to the impressive architectural heritage of the 20th century, Detroit I have long been fascinated, and I'm going to take the next four days to explore the city close.

One of the buildings that make up the skyline of Detroit, who has always admired my fantasy – this Michigan Central Depot, an impressive 18-storey former railway terminal Beaux-Arts, which dates from 1913. Connect people with distant places. Although it is not used for a long time he unfortunately came down and fenced off, I would like to see the beauty of this beautiful building firsthand. I placed it directly on my card and went back to see it close. This is a great and wonderful building stood empty since 1988, when the last train, "Amtrak" went away, and the revelry of time and human vandalism have taken their significance. Nevertheless, Michigan Central Depot is an excellent component of Detroit's skyline and a & # 39 is a must for any fan of architecture. Even in its present state it is easy to imagine the former glory it now defunct transportation hub.

After the first stay in the beautiful architecture of Detroit, I drove across town to the island of Bell Island 982 acres (4 km 2) in the Detroit River, to the east of the city center. It presents a variety of attractions: Conservatory Anna Skrypps other than James Scott Memorial Fountain with three levels of water displays and numerous sculptures, designed by the famous architect Cass Gilbert.

I went back into the city center to meet with Jeanette Pierce, co-founder of the nonprofit organization "Inside Detroit", which manages the welcoming center of Detroit, and holds numerous thematic tours of Detroit and sells a variety of products, created by local artists detroytskimi. Jeannette – one of the fans of Detroit and started to show some directions on the eastern waterfront of Detroit.

Along the way Jeanette told me a little bit more about myself, together with my friend Maureen Kearns in 2005. Janet has established "Internal Detroit" to present to the city residents and people who overcome people. Maureen and Jeanette offer a variety of tours and excursions to explore the city, which connects the participants not only with the history and architecture of the city, but also with pubs, bars, theaters, art galleries and other cool hot hot spots. Some tours focus on the locals to show them as much as possible to get a life, working and playing in the Motor City. These two entrepreneurs have even invented the concept of hunting for Detroit on railroad leading members from around the center of Detroit in search of information.

Obviously, I could not find a better local expert and urban enthusiast than Jeanette Pierce, so we went to our driving tour of "D", one of the nicknames of Detroit. Going east from the city's business district, we made a stop on the river Stroh River Place, an area of ​​25 acre campus with a mixed-use, which is about the & # 39; combines business value, and upscale housing. I constantly Jeanette overview of the history and the history of Detroit. Further east we stopped at Belle Island, the island city of Detroit.

Located as an island in the Detroit River, Belle island connected to the mainland via the bridge MacArthur. One of the highlights – magnificent marble memorial fountain James Scott, which was designed by renowned architect Qassam Gilbert in 1925. James Scott was a controversial businessman, who left 200 thousand dollars in the city of Detroit, to create a fountain in his name. From there we proceeded to a leisurely ride past the island's major attractions, including casinos Belle Isle and watch Karyona Nancy Brown Peace. On the north side of the island we stopped to look at the Detroit Yacht Club, which began in the late 1870s. Impressive modern club house was worth more than a million dollars during its opening in 1923.

With exquisite Indian village we went to more working class, which was a lot of destroyed houses. Since the 1950s, the city of Detroit has experienced a significant population decline as a & # 39; emergence of an extensive system of roads has led many city dwellers to move to distant suburbs. As a result, a large number of houses and apartment buildings have been abandoned and torn down to stop the crime. What is left after – is a & # 39; reality called "urban prairies", large tracts of empty grassland in the middle of the city, which often remain unused.

Jeanette wanted to introduce me to the innovative use of some of these vacant urban land. Next to the bank products cleaner catering is a public garden that uses empty green spaces for urban agriculture. public food food bank help feed the hungry citizens, and some fresh fruits and vegetables come from the garden, which is right in front of the warehouse.

Our next stop was really focused on the unusual space: the Heidelberg Project, an art installation in the floor Afro-American neighborhood on the east side of Detroit.

This unusual environment includes an entire city block, and a few houses and a & # 39; combines the bright colors of paints and a large collection of found discarded items. Creator Tyreee Guyton grew up on Heidelberg Street and was unhappy with the deterioration. As a form of social protest he painted the house his grandfather bright polka dots and created the famous 1986 "Dot-Watt Home".

Along with his grandfather and his ex-wife Tyra Guyton began to clean up the neighborhood and turned the garbage they collected into massive art installations. From the outset, many other houses and outdoor creations followed. Even slaves in the city of destruction in 1991 and 1999 could not stop the success of the Heidelberg Project. Creator Tyra Guyton demonstrated in various television programs (including Oprah) and has received numerous awards for his work.

During our short walk through Heidelberg Street we saw a group of runners, as well as a variety of international visitors from Toronto and Boston. Another example of the creative use of space in Detroit, the Heidelberg Project today attracts around 275,000 visitors a year, and the creator Tyra Guyton travels all over the world, made a presentation about the project. We even faced with the artist himself, who talked with us by the grace and talked about the importance of this project, which has transformed the empty space into a colorful and meaningful urban art.

After unsuccessful attempts to connect with friends, Jeanette, artists who live in a local attic, we stopped briefly on the Eastern market in Detroit, which really comes alive on Saturday morning. We stopped at the store R. Hirt Jr., which presents the cheeses and delicacies from around the world. Market activity is held here since the mid-1800s, and the sale, which are observed today, date back to 1891 East Detroit market with a & # 39; is the largest historic district in the US public market.

From here we drove north through Midtown Detroit, which is also called Detroytskim cultural center, which is fixed Wayne State University, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Public Library, Detroit Science Center, Detroit Historical Museum, the Museum of African American History, as well as the musical center of Max M. Fisher. We stayed at the Bureau of city life, local city department store. In close proximity are the brewery Motor City, mikrabrovar with bar and elevated deck. Jeanette successfully demonstrated that Detroit – a hotbed of young urban entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of opportunities.

Further north we visited the area of ​​the New Center, the main highlight of which is a & # 39 is a historic building Fisher decorated skyscraper in 1928 and the value of art deco, designed by the renowned architect Albert Kahn of Detroit. Originally, the structure was designed for the company's Fisher Body, who in 1926 became a division of the body for the construction of General Motors in 1926. Forty different kinds of marble adorn the magnificent three-story barrel vaulted, which today has a shopping area with a variety of cool shops and cafes. Fisher Theater with its magnificent inter & # 39; EPAM in atstekavskim style – popular among theater lovers.

Janet then transferred me across the road to the Cadillac Place, another stunning example of the architecture of the 1920s. Designed by Albert Kahn in 1923, it was the second largest office building in the world. It was the headquarters of General Motors from 1923 to 1996, when GM moved into the center of the Renaissance. It is decorated with multi-story office building that has an elevator 31, and in 1978 he was appointed as a National Historic Landmark.

After this broad insider survey of Detroit our tour ended, I thanked Jeanette and dropped it in the reception center of Detroit. Until now it was midday, and after breakfast I had nothing to eat, so it's suras & # 39; serious time for an early dinner. I wanted the waterfront experience and went home, did some research has dining options in Detroit rivers. One place called "Sinbad the river" caught my attention because it was located right on the river and almost 60 years engaged in the family business.

So I again went to the east to find the restaurant Sinbad Restaurant waterfront. Since 1949, the family & # 39; I Blancke, second generation Blanckes, Marc, Denise, Linda and Brian, runs this restaurant in rem as a team. I settled for a cozy table and waiting for the opportunity to talk with the owners and learn about the culinary highlights in Detroit.

Denise and Marc sat down with me and started telling me about this venerable institution. In 1949, the father of the brothers and sisters "Buster" forms, together with his brother-in "Van" Vanhollebke Sinbad opened in a ruined building on the Detroit River. (This Belgian tradition gentlemen real names were wise assembly Blanca and Hilary Van Holbebek but shorter nicknames were much easier to pronounce). "Van" worked for Hiram Walker and watched sales of the distillery in Detroit. Grandpa Budevin form was the owner of the meat market, and lent the young master a little money for a new business.

In the early years the restaurant served mostly hamburgers, sandwiches and steaks, but over time the restaurant has developed a specialization in seafood. Mark added that he only buys the best ingredients, and explained to me that the scallops come entirely from the Bank of George, a hundred miles from the Cape. He added that they are full of nutrients and always perfectly fresh. His menu even includes a hard-named creature called "sea wolf" (loup de mer). Sunday lunch is also very popular and offers a variety of eggs cooked to order, as well as smoked salmon, fish, pasta and chicken dishes.

Sinbad customers mainly come from Detroit and the surrounding counties, and due to its location on the bank of the river and the fact that Sinbad also works as a marina, a restaurant, many guests arriving by boat. Sinbad is especially popular during special events such as the Grand Prix of Detroit and the Red Bull Air Race – an exciting high-speed obstacle course for lightweight racing planes. Hundreds of weddings and special events are held every year in Sinbad.

To feel Sinbad experience in seafood, Mark gathered for me seafood which consisted of local fish, such as walleye and perch, as well as the famous scallops which simply melted in my mouth. Campeche shrimp and coconuts rounded seafood dish. Accompanied by delicious acute Zhalapena Pappersa I had a very pleasant evening meal and could start a little rest after a full day with a very packed schedule.

After a very filled with seafood and lots of fun with Mark, I went on a full sleep in the newly restored luxurious Westin Book Cadillac Hotel, my abode for the next two days. After the gate is about 24 years, this extreme value in the Art Deco style in 1924, only underwent renovation cost about $ 200 million. I'm already looking forward to more of this historic hotel in the coming days.

Sightseeing Mountain Alabama

Panorama Mountain Mountain Parkway travels through three states if winds 93 miles along the near mountains. Park provides scenic views and many recreational opportunities. Ghost is especially beautiful in spring, when the rhododendron and mountain laurel bloom, and in autumn, when the leaves are changing. The southern end of the park road begins in northeast Alabama near Gadsdenam in the park Nokalula Park. Then AL Hwy 176 and County Road 89 delivered to travelers through the scenic canyon of the Little River, near Desota State Park and the picturesque mountain town of Mentone, Alabama. The route turns to the AL Hwy 117 and crosses into Georgia, where travelers can with & # 39; to go to the State Park Klendlen Canyon. GA Hwys 136 and 189 continue for the foreseeable Mountains to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Along the way, visitors can stop at famous landmarks Rock City and Ruby Falls. Here are the highlights of scenic stops along the Lookout Mountain Parkway in northeast Alabama.

Noccalula Falls Park shows in a 90-foot waterfall that empties into a pretty gorge. The park also has walking paths, caves, botanical garden, exhibit animals, habitat, deer park and a pioneer village with historical structures. Entrance to the park is $ 6 for adults, $ 4 for seniors and $ 3 for ages 4-12 years.

Little River Canyon – a beautiful natural gorge, where the river drops 1,350 feet in 12 miles. There are beautiful views from the canyon. Camping includes hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding and picnics. Picnic area in the mouth of the Canyon – a popular area for everyday use.

DeSoto State Park – one of the most popular parks in Alabama. Visitors can enjoy walking trails and twenty miles to view a series of waterfalls, including DeSoto Falls, which drops more than 100 feet. Dam over lows produced the first public hydroelectric power plant in the 1920s. Other park amenities – a restaurant, swimming pool, nature center with live animals and camping.

City of Mentone, Alabama, was a popular sanatorium in the late 1800s, when people thought that the mineral resources of the area have medicinal properties. Today Mentone – is a rustic mountain resort town, where there are shops, restaurants, night and breakfast, rented cabins. In the city in spring and autumn hosts major festivals of arts and crafts. Nearby dude ranch and golf resort also bring visitors to Mentone.

Hunter Mountain Mountain Parkway to the & # 39 is part of the world's longest yard sale every August. Hunters trade can follow the park road and US Hwy 127 more than 600 miles from Alabama to Michigan in search of great deals for the sale of the yard. The four-day event was made at performances HGTV.

cleaning snowstorm

About five years ago I was driving from New York to Michigan with my friend when we were suddenly in a battle with maternal nature. How we survived, it was direct evidence of the power of prayer to experience us through the penitential experience. This happened in the middle of winter.

See if you can find in the history of what part HEAR principle was used (there is delight, entertain the possibility of acting on intuition, remember who helped you).


We were traveling from New York to Michigan and drove seven hundred miles without an accident, when my friend and I decided to stop at a gas station in a small rural town in Canada. It's time for a coffee and a quick trip to the bathroom. Getting out of the car, I looked up to the sky. It was dark and ominous, almost anticipating. The air was uncomfortably damp, and immediately drizzle.

I went to the rest room and ran back to the car. Although the fuel tank was only half-full, I prefer to refill it. Normally I would have waited for me to gauge smoking warning sign. However, I filled it, paid for it by credit card, and hurried back to the highway.

To my delight, it began to snow. But in the blink of an eye it revolved more and more, dramatically reducing visibility. Within minutes, it was night, and I was forced to slow down the car. My stomach that night for the first time was delayed.

The roads quickly turned to ice, and the wind was getting stronger by the minute. It seemed that I was the pilot a small plane through turbulence. We had to quickly find a hotel.

In the end, my friend and I saw that we both felt familiar for accommodation in the hotel before leaving. On a blind storm, it was difficult to consider it, but we decided to take a chance and leave the motorway.

About a mile down the road, we noticed a lone car in front. Thinking that they were from the area, we followed them, but after a few minutes we realized that they also lost. We have nothing to do but to go back.

Rotating machines for the narrow two-lane road was not an easy feat. Wind howled menacingly around us. The possibility of getting wind in the trenches was a real – very real. With the highest concentration I could muster, I took a deep breath and razmahnuv machine back and forth an inch at a time to turn around.

Suddenly the rear wheels spinning as the Var & # 39; yaty.

It was a bad feeling. Despite the danger to plunge even deeper into the snow, I continued to shake the car until the wheels finally stood up, and the car miraculously jumped forward.

Thank God.

We went the other way, my heart was beating wildly. On ghostly white scenery there were no signs of life. My friend convinced me to go back to the highway and possibly find an overpass for temporary shelter until the storm is not a breath.

I looked at the gas meter. Incredibly, it was still full.

Leaning over the steering wheel, and screwing up his eyes, I tried to find through a howling blizzard ramp, but it was almost impossible to see where I'm going.

In the midst of all this, I somehow remembered how I carry in the right pocket a small stone with Vyara, inscription of on the surface. The right hand trembled when I touched the smooth polished rock. Wrapping his hand on the stone, I closed my eyes and muttered: "Dear God, please, give us the highway Please, lead us home now.".

When I opened my eyes, my mouth dropped in amazement. We got to the entrance to the highway! As we got there, I'll never know.

Clutching the steering wheel, I slowly pulled up to the ice ramp, fully relying on the little yellow reflectors that shimmer car headlight glare. Finally, back on the road, we continued treacherous journey ezdivshy with cochlear pace for a long time.

A few hours later we saw from afar a few rays of light that resembled a small bustling town. I sighed with relief.

However, as we approached, we saw that it was not the city — it was a bunch of cars and trucks that remained in the pits (on both sides of the road).

At this moment, the past and current problems have completely disappeared from my mind. I thought I forgive everyone who is in the past, "hurt me". I released all my resentment, anger, and problems with self-interest. My biggest concern was returning home alive that night. Never before have I made so much intellectual prybirennyav for one night!

Nine hours our tired, dull eyes have seen the most beautiful sign that we have ever seen:

BRIDGE In the US, 27 miles.

We were at home.

Who says that God does not know how to give you a good deal for the mental house cleaning?

He even paid for the gas. The prosecution never with & # 39; was on my credit card!

Favorite beer: the Germans, the Yankees and the prohibition in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Germans long enjoyed alcohol. If at the beginning of the seventh century Irish missionary Columbanus first encounter with the Germans, it happened with the ritual sacrifice of beer.

Even after the Germans had become Christians, the majority of religious leaders followed the biblical view of alcohol as belonging to God. Martin Luther admired beer and wine: at times he n & # 39; they are, and he used the melody of popular songs of songs for some of their hymns.

That was the tradition in the missionary pastor Frederick Schmid, who came to Michigan in 1833 to gather the congregation among the German immigrants of the state. But Schmid, who founded the Lutheran Church and Zion and Bethlehem on the & # 39; United Church of Christ, quickly learned that other local ministers are habits much more strictly. Repulsed the general predilection for strong drink and habit to continue n & # 39; yanyya alcoholic beverages, many were in favor of an outright ban drinking.

In June, 1834 to Schmid asked the local minister of presbyter. Or be used Schmid their powers to convince the Germans Ann Arbor to adhere to the principles of the Presbyterian temperature, which prohibits not only alcohol, but even coffee and tea?

Schmid said he did not have to obey their Christian Jarmuth. People with the Holy Spirit in them will not drink too much and not to misuse God's gifts. Jesus said Schmid, drank wine.

The clash of cultures, which began on that day, will last nearly a century. The Germans arrived in Ann Arbor on a background of a large movement of moderate Americans, born in 1920.

Most of the German settlers had seen things like Schmid. Their attitude is enshrined in the Constitution of the Church Betalskay "Town of Freedom", which condemned only n & # 39; yanyya alcoholic beverages. The churchyard is the tombstone with the date "31 February". According to a former pastor Roman Reineke, family farms would be visited by masons when he worked. They brought a strong cider or wine, and the date of the end of the day it did not matter.

In the cities, where the majority were German, so communication has caused little trouble. But the German love of alcohol was much more of a problem in Ann Arbor. In the period from 1868 to 1918, the city recorded 221 directories a place where alcohol is distributed, more than half of which belonged to the German Americans.

Edith Shtybler Kempf (1898-1993) talked about the interior of the XIX century, driven by Charlie Bear. We went to the professor, lawyers and wealthy German farmers. Baer also serving food, and, according to Kempf, it has never been strashnastsi.

Yankee Michygandy seven & # 39; and some came from New England or New York State, possibly ignoring the Germans, who were selling beer to other Germans. But the student population of Ann Arbor was another matter. Most students era M came from seven & # 39; ads Yankees and grew up in the homes of Methodist, Baptist and presviteryyantsav where teetatalizm conducted. Independently in Ann Arbor, some honored their new freedom, including the freedom to drink.

At the beginning of the University of Michigan closely followed by students. They lived on campus, had a 9 pm. curfew, and they had to attend mandatory chapel twice a day to listen to the sermon, who read the teachers of the faculty, which were mainly intended Protestant clergy.

This changed when Philippe Henry Tapani took over as president of the university in 1852 Tappan visited research universities in Prussia, and he began to recruit faculty on the basis of scholarship, not a church affiliation. Tappan also abolished the university hostel because I wanted students to be more independent and to live off campus, as students in Europe.

Tappan himself drank wine during a meal, and it was like drinking beer students. He really spoke out against distilled spirit, but it is unlikely to suit more conservative capacity and regents.

Free from the authority of parents and university students have turned to alcohol hell. In 1856, the student mobs attacked the German drinking place during "the war in the Netherlands." The conflict began when Zhakab Hangsterfer threw two quarrelsome students with their beer halls. They returned the next night with friends, armed with knives and batons. If Hangsterfer refused to provide them with free refreshments, the students broke open casks and barrels and destroyed furniture and glass.

Soon, six students through my hotel window and interior Henry Binder and helped with a drink in German pain. Binder could capture only one of the students and took him hostage. Others received reinforcements from the campus. If Binder demanded $ 10 for the stolen snacks, the students attacked the ram. If the brick walls give way, Binder set his huge dog on students. But students of the dog killed the dog Binder. Students then went to get their muskets, which they used in military exercises, and at this moment Binder wise to let him go into captivity.

Tappan called on the carpet regents stressed permanent university requirements for a daily visit to the chapel and the Sunday church, as well as other evidence of the moral of the student body. He also called for the implementation of a new urban order, which prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors and drunk people. But the following year a former student died after drinking in the lounge Binder and other rooms.

Tappan joined the community who are putting pressure on the City Council to informally agree that no licenses will not be issued for the east of Division Street, creating a "dry line" for the protection of campus. But Tappan lost points with regents when he refused to accept personal concern. Although he raised the university to a national increase of growth ten times, laying the foundations of law, and engineering schools, and much more – the regents were more concerned about his moral shortcomings. They fired him in 1863.

At the site of the Tappan regents appointed minister of the Methodist and professor of Latin Erastus Haven. The church was inaugurated prezbiteryyanskay Gaven. At the ceremony, the Regent puts it, which tells in detail about the "sinful" behavior Tappan.

However, the president of New Haven, unsuccessfully, to curb rowdy students. In 1867, he informed the Association will give libraries that Ann Arbor "disgraced throughout the country" as a "place of debauchery and alcohol Up & # 39; yanennya". By 1871, he had been stung by quarrels, dissensions night and destructive pranks, voters chose Ann Arbor University faculty member of the mayor. Silo Douglas immediately made municipal leader to warn salons that long ignored the resolution on Sunday, the closing will be performed.

Conflict of Ann Arbor on the alcohol in the end has become a common issue. Michigan branch of the Woman's Christian temperature Union issued a flyer in 1881, deciphering urban salons for making men "bruterami". The leaflet lists thirty-seven owners of salons by name, most of whom are Americans in Germany, and argues that "Al-Arba would be better morally, socially, intellectually, and in any other case, if this disgusting long list of people would have every one of they die of smallpox within the next week. "

In 1887, Michigan voted for the proposed amendment to the state constitution that prohibits the manufacture and sale of alcohol. Many German second trip Ann Arbor (today's Old West Land) rejected his ten to one. Sixth Ward, which was dominated by the Yankees and universities, three voted "for". He lost across the country.

The forces of moderation Ann Arbor finally achieved some success in 1902, when unofficial dry area around the university has become a part of the city charter. By 1908, eleven counties of Michigan adopted local ordinances prohibitive, and every year they are joined by more and more districts. In 1916, the voters of Michigan again considered an amendment to a ban in the state constitution. Second Ward still voted "against", almost two, one, but Ann Arbor in general voted for the ban, as well as the state.

The late Ernie Split recalled that the government inspectors, who arrived at the brewery "Michigan Union" on Fourth Street, on the day when the state is dry, 1 mine in 1918. According to split, all drinking, even the inspectors. Then "the rest of the beer was poured down the drain. It was the saddest day of my life."

Horde Michyganderav headed to Ohio to drink, with the result that the State of Michigan Governor ordered government troops to patrol the border. Cars that ignore the roadblocks, were fired, and the governor was forced to & # 39; to reveal the limited military state. A passenger was killed in the neck when the driver was unable to stop on the highway for the paratroopers in Ann Arbor. But as a result of the search of the car there is no alcoholic beverages.

In 1918, with the & # 39 approved the entrance of the eighteenth amendment, which prohibits the manufacture, sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages. It was ratified by the states in early 1919 and entered into force in January 1920.

The ban actually reduce the strong alcohol consumption, particularly among workers in rural and urban towns. But it had the opposite effect among the bona fide angels.

Bootleggers and illegal places to drink largely ignored beer and wine, focusing instead on the more lucrative hard liquor. Cocktails become chic.

It is estimated that each week from Canada through the Detroit River were brought from 400 to 600 cases of whiskey. Much of it was later moved to Chicago, usually passing through the district Vashtenau.

One cold April night in 1927, police in Ann Arbor, William Erwin Kibler mark and stopped the car in the city center. The driver was not registering, so Marty stood on the side of the machine to send it to the police headquarters, and drove back Kibeler for patrol car. Near the headquarters of one of the passengers pulled out a gun and shot five times in the window, undermining Marty to the sidewalk. The machine with the & # 39; riding. Fortunately, the killer insisted that Marty wore a bulletproof vest.

If the police stepped up efforts to enforce, gangsters simply used their huge profits to buy faster cars and more guns. Ordinary citizens were afraid of being caught in the fire. They put the sticker of the American flag on the windshield with a "Do not shoot, I'm not Buttler" inscription.

Due to the frustration of law enforcement officials, they hit the little man in a German restaurant Metzger Ann Arbor. In 1929, Bill Metzger asked the owner to sell hard cider and put on probation for five years. He was fined $ 100 and could not leave the state without the consent of the court. Him, his means of transport, business and the home can be sought at any time without a warrant. To avoid future cases cracklings, he could not sell cider.

During the 1920s, even the Germans began to question the ban. They realized that they had just replaced the hated interior on talkative and blind pig and began to think that the German approach moderate drinking beer and wine can be good.

In the presidential election in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt ran as the candidate of the wet. As one of the first acts of the new with the & # 39 entrance took twenty-first amendment, abolishing the ban. In April of Michigan became the first state to ratify it. By May, the sale and consumption of alcohol were again legal in Ann Arbor.

Michigan brewery Union Union restored as a brewery in Ann Arbor. Kurt Neumann, a longtime resident of the "Cabbage Town" have been known to the Old West Side, she recalled how people from the neighborhood sat, was packed wall directly from the nuts and sat, talking and drinking. Unfortunately, other residents were not so loyal to the "Ann Arbor Old Time", "Cream-stamp" or "City Club" – perhaps because it's all the same beer, only with different labels. Brewery permanently closed in 1949.

In 1960, local voters finally allowed the bar to serve alcoholic beverages. In 1964, they replaced the age-old dry line dry smaller island around the university, and even that was eliminated in 1969. Anne Arbaryty abolished the last vestiges of the crusade against alcohol Yankees.

This article originally with & # 39 appeared in the review of Ann Arbor for September 2009 For more information about the history of Ann Arbor, including photos, berery and more, can be found at:

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