Interview & # 39; nd author John P Afamasagay about his new work "GIPOPERA II"

Tyler: Welcome, John. According to our reports in the making of this interview & # 39; w, you seem to be in a good mood. There is some specific reason such vigor?

John: Perhaps I am ready to predict what life will be like in 2045, which will Newborn GOOGLE and how we as individuals take responsibility for the environment.

Tyler: Go on.

John: Manufacturers must be valid with respect to its long-term strategies. Where we will drop all the things that are unnecessary? As consumers, we must take responsibility for what we want. For example, each year a new mobile phone – Afanasy, Little Lazoo, Missy Evon and cast say: if you want a portable telephone, take the chip. Insert the thing in itself.

Tyler: A GOOGLE?

John: In its strategy, they are already showing signs of maturity. I thought they were significant during the display of the planet, but I feel that they are willing to use his powers for the benefit.

Tyler: Just what do you mean by "force," and why with a capital P?

John: Responsibility – is power, and in the case of the giant it acquired the status of the firmness and responsibility, being able to provide so many people on so many levels – the shareholders, the Internet users, and so on.

Limitations of the word "Force" – a term that I use at work to distinguish between human shell Lazoo, James Elton, and LAZOO, are with InterDimension. As well as power and strength as a statue THE GOOGLE, as an icon, as well as service provider.

Tyler: You do not mind what I say, because I know you a little better, that people reading this, it sounds blatantly or delirium Var & # 39; yatstva …

John: About how many people are we talking about – five, six, maybe twelve, counting the people who approve of this? No, but only the suras & # 39; ozna, THE GOOGLE, like Microsoft, is the basis of like-minded groups, which have huge collective voice. GOOGLE has the luxury; while it is a massive campaign in the business world, its image or its personalization with & # 39 is completely malleable. At first glance, GOOGLE – it is almost a blank canvas, which has a text box and over the name of the company with six letters, the number of letters that she does, and it is SEARCH.

GOOGLE has proven he can do everything he wants, but this one did, because it consists of responsible persons. Thus, a position that it has acquired for himself in history. As I always say, imagine if Bill Gates was something like, well, you know the type, for example, is not it? You know, the type of dictator, with megalomanskimi trends?

Tyler: What do you think that are going to make hardware manufacturers?

John: It is a lot of money transform what happened. Processing equipment for fuel and building products. Stop the development of new materials and convert existing waste into renewable energy. Create demand for new materials made of the fact that we have, and let the resources themselves replenished.

Tyler: So that's why you're in such a good mood?

John: Because I never thought I would write a second GUIOPERA.

Tyler: How GOOGLE, the future and the environment associated with GUIOPERA II?

John: GUIOPERA II is in 2045. As far as we all know, the environment is a major problem. GOOGLE has the ability to affect change. I mean, who else, apart from the WINDOWS the Microsoft, at this time, we immediately seek help. And they damn well work safely. I woke up one day, and they had a GOOGLE MAP planet.

Tyler: I understand that you have changed with GUIOPERA II GLOBAL ATTACK on something else?

John: My dad died in June this year, and after a month feeling lost, I woke up one morning, and the whole thing just came to me. And for me, the story of the character is more important than the plot.

Tyler: I'm sorry to hear about your dad, but go on.

John: My protagonists, John Vine and Polina Rada, do not take a lot of time in the main story. Although I'm going to tell the story Pauline Vine or when I hear a story mission or Avon Orly, I'll tell it.

In 2009, John and John Vine Reher using Avon's mission, which is now twenty years old, the new stories they write. Metofeaz Litigatti disappeared. Jon Le Mac is located in South America and is engaged in hotel business. LMLA-ink is not based on any POEMBOOK STORYBOOK for their stories. Genisis vine and reflect on the creation of something & # 39; and, as Afamasaga took responsibility for the narrative of history and mainly settled in his new life.

Afamasaga vine and imagine the world in which to grow Little Vine.

Tyler: What do you mean "Metofeaz Litigatti disappeared"? Did not he neodymium & # 39; emny when writing stories? What happened to him?

John: In the time line that I try to maintain, wherever possible, Metofeaz disappears in about 2004. But this is another completely new story in e-book Feeaz Fontain, developed and due out in 2011.

Tyler: You mentioned Avon mission or mission Levon, as it is known in your last e-book by John Le Mac – Book 1 (Creating LMLA ink); it grows writer for LMLA paints as Metofeaz Litigatti?

John: mission perfectly, does not it?

Tyler: Yeah. She seems to be on a child her age, keeps it together, despite the parents who are less competent than her, especially my father, like her character, the child of a parent who keeps things.

John: It would seem so, but because it is a duty, it has a greater calling. As John Page went to Polina Rada, Genisis Jones – John Vine. Mission – Head Minor Vine.

What makes things interesting, since I first introduce the Little Vine in the saga of the final date in the e-book on page 40. BrocoliFlower Little Lazo in 2020 was seven years old, and the mission – thirty-one years; short story in GUIOPERA II they – the stars.

I can only say that it is some time writing on LMLA-ink, and it is likely that her writing as a child in the book Jon Le Mac Book 1, it may well be where Afamasaga got an idea of ​​size, and all the things with the legal person, we just need to wait and see.

Tyler: Just reading LMLA-ink sessions, I became acquainted with some of the characters and the failure of some recent stories. But unless you are a bit overdone? How to open the heroes – maybe even give away too much?

John: Do you enjoy the session? I mean, if you like the concept? In any case, the session – it is, as the name suggests, a transcript of the times when LMLA-ink is going to write. In addition, there is a possibility that the session took place after Afamasagi in with & # 39; the wind was that the offices of fixed bugs. Kim? Who knows? That's another story …

But to answer your question about the impact; that's what I'm doing. I stress test: the story, the plot, the back story, and, of course, strong characters come forward, leading the heroes make a break, and I no longer rebuke all, leaving no place weak heart and weak to hide.

Tyler: Yeah, I like the concept of short stories – this is a game that you like to play in the postmodern fictional authors who write fictional stories, dressed in his autobiography. But where did you get the motivation to pump operation and in such numbers come from?

John: In the past it was for the car & # 39; EASURES. But then I accepted that I was a writer, and I do it for nothing. Now the matter of responsibility, that I've seen on several sites where e-books are the & #, and – there were a few downloads and me now, even if it was just tri- four fans Lazoo, Polina, Missy, that's enough to make me want to do his duty zabavlyalnika. And also to perform all sorts of promises to solve all problems that the characters inherit the plot.

Tyler: Do you know who your fans?

John: When I started, as I said, it was all business and to create a new car & # 39; EASURES I thought the guy ideas. Thus, in my head I rush women about twelve years to think about sixty-five. To get there it took me a while, as the Vine, Genisis surely would appeal to twenty-five and above. Then went together to Roselle and Pauline. But GUIOPERA I work since I became aware of the effort to try to get the "girls" of all ages. I had to wait, Harry Potter will take place, as if it will ever be, ha ha? Who is who feels for the characters.

Tyler: Did you think that you have to save for a job?

John: Weight? Maybe the mess. No, except Suras & # 39; oznaga, I always want to build the body, or that it makes sense and has a purpose. I want it to be self-sufficient and, if not my head, I wish he provided the only source of life and its rules, so that all aspects can be judged using its own relativity. This is due to the fact that I can not have education, and create your own game. It seems that poor child, with no real toys or games, they make up their own version of the real thing, from pieces of wood, old clothes and broken dolls.

Tyler: But is not it a blessing in disguise to entertain yourself? It makes you more creative? A lack of education for a reasonable person just makes you think outside the box, which are laid with new ideas and inventions.

John: Absolutely! But when I learn new things, it seems to me that I want them to immediately implement. But I have to be attentive to the style that has changed dramatically over the past four years. Just yesterday I tried to classify the style changes, and I think that I have formulated a progression that gives my kind of artistic development rotate.

I can tell Trilogy: John Vine, Uayp, etc., is the work under the influence of Impressionism. GUIOPERA I – surrealism and GUIOPERA II and other things on which I am working, influenced realism. But obviously, I put impressionism and surrealism, where I can. Ultimately I would like to use all three styles, ie GUIOPERA format, can I have a piece of 1 written as an Impressionist, and Part 2, and 3, surreal classic, you know?

Tyler: Wow, it sounds like a very serious & # 39; oznaya literature, and you obviously have a true commitment to creating works properly, but less suras & # 39; a serious note, you continue to create history in some serial form, which reminds me of comic books or comic books, particularly superhero of sorts, where the story goes on and on. Or you might say that Batman and DC Comics, or the Marvel, or their equivalents, cartoons or movies that have had a great influence on your work?

John: Definitely! Well, they personally affect me and the way I treat my main characters, which form so many influences, from the taxi driver De Niro to Cuckoo Nicholson to Batman, and in the end, I think that as a result Lazo with & # 39 is an anti-hero.

But to answer your question, as a concept, comic books, soap operas, sitcoms – all tried and tested formula for raspavyadannya saga for any reason – profit from advertising? Building a fan base? All they remembered that when I created efitsyon and then GUIOPERA format, which will go other derivative products over time.

Oh, by the way, Little Vine in GUIOPERA II – a supporter of Christian Bale Batman.

Tyler: You think I'm a writer, a fantasy which has collapsed, and the characters and stories pull you in all directions. Early on I thought you told me that, for all the characters and books was issued some general plan, or am I mistaken? Do you still write books that you planned, or simply added as you see fit? How do you decide on what to focus on the story?

John: When I started, I had such an illiterate story about this guy (Vine); View of themselves and where I was in life, are not able to implement any of my potential due to the fact that I could not perform daily basic functions, to communicate, and I was nonfunctional. It turned out that I needed to John Vine, WIPE, Illegal, POEMBOOK, so I came out, I realized that I could create things.

In early 2007, I realized that I had made, and said to myself, to pretend that I am a massive superstar on the Internet, and start acting like one, and I take to work with due respect.

Harry Potter was at its peak; George Lucas announced that he is "Star Wars" on the TV. And that's why it took me a whole year to plan how I will present these stories as the saga from end to end, and watch the market place, as well as on the Internet to download a thing – from YouTube against pay. And Hollywood, which was really interesting period: "From the & # 39; drove Scorsese," "The Good German," "The Good Shepherd", and all of them feel that they are very similar to what I was trying to do. Environment, as Impressionism with surrealistic expression.

After reading reviews of my work and admitted to myself that I need to go a long way in terms of compliance with the convention, I decided to devote all energy to create a format that could be taken in the main system, as well as with the & # 39; will be as progress in my GUIOPERA I developed a style that is not perfected as long as the e-book BrocoliFlower.

Then I looked at the story and said to myself, that you want to associate Vine and Polina Rada in a story and came up with a new American dream, which I write in the e-book by John Le Mac Book 1.

But in the end, you showed me, for which I am grateful, it's all about John Vine.

Tyler: In a recent interview with & # 39; at the beginning of this year, Yu with you, you mentioned that your father, who was a taxi driver, wanted you to be a doctor. Influenced by his death on the job? You mentioned that you lost in the last month.

John: Options & # 39; yatstva how things are going. Usually in life, I never mention real people, and when I do, I try to disguise them, and only they know what I'm going. But something made me pick out my father, who in the 50s was an immigrant from Western Samoa to New Zealand. Yes, he wanted me to be someone else and educated. But this is not the case. My sister, who is a television program in NZ, went to university – you guys call it the College; my brother in Sydney, Australia – Chaplain; he also made the Uni. Even my brother, who lives in the parish of Surfer little studied law. I do not know; well, I do, but I can not quite put your finger on the exact reason why I did not do what I wanted to do my father. But the answer to your question is simple: Yes. GUIOPERA II I think this is my chance to give him respect for what he has done for himself, and in this respect all the parents who left their native country as young people in search of something better for themselves.

Tyler: You mentioned somewhere in BrocoliFlower, John Reher does what he does, because of the promise he gave to his mother on her deathbed. Is there any truth in this?

John: Mmm … yes! BrocoliFlower Chapter 3 Part 1 on page 13 Metofeaz Litygatsi LaVende Stsyavonsen says that John Reyer pretty sur & # 39; serious and that all shenanigany and ongoing actions help fulfill the promise.

In fact, surprisingly, I say this is that it is essentially a & # 39 is the marketing of my work, that for personal gain. But I like what I did, and I basically sold his soul to the world. And for such a private person, I am, I really wonder how I could do it for themselves. I believe that has destructive tendencies have acquired a new twist. Involuntarily, I used to be in some dangerous situations; Now, when I'm doing something positive, I felt spoiled by writing John Reyera Afamasagu in the book.

Tyler: I just wanted to ask you about that – you said that you do not usually include these people in history, and what made you decide to invent itself?

John: From 2002 until his father's death, I could not find a "reality" that suits me. I have experienced the changes, jumps and borders, but everyone around me still saw me as I was. Transmutatsyya – process, when the old, you have mutated into a new you, must mean free process, as you have daily tasks that you must perform; Some of these tasks are performed in the circumstances created by the "old" you. I needed somewhere to live, how old I am, how to contact me, when in fact I was a completely different person, whom no one would have accepted. So I fought in everyday life, trying to keep his new self, and in the books I was able to release all the frustration and negative energy.

Tyler: Why would you say that you messed up your life, vydumavshysya?

John: I'm pretty private, and I feel that I was forced to do what I did. But in saying this, I think I'm coping with everything that I like right now.

Tyler: You fictional you be what you want to present to the world – a way ekstravertyzatsyi, while protecting themselves from the effects?

Jon: All I know God has a plan, and I feel that I am very lucky that I was able to turn things in mind to deal with the reality in which I found myself.

Тайлер: Калі вы знаходзіцеся ў гэтай адкрытай душы, вы б хацелі патлумачыць, чаму вы выдатна сябе адчуваеце, калі вы бацька толькі што пайшоў з жыцця і сваімі словамі вы сапсавалі сваё жыццё?

Джон: Я мяркую, гэта звязана з тым, як я зараз адчуваю адказнасць за маё прозвішча. Я надзвычай арыентаваны на задачы, і ў мяне зараз задача. Я прымаю, што ў сыне, у той час як мае бацькі былі жывыя, я быў поўным правалам. Але цяпер, калі гэтая Кіраўніцтва скончылася, я адчуваю, што ў мяне ёсць магчымасць пачаць новую Главу.

Сын маёй сястры, мой пляменнік Тэдзі, склаў прадстаўнічую каманду прафсаюзаў па рэгбі. Я атрымаў электроннае паведамленне ад бацькоў, у якім сказана: "Ён гуляў за свайго дзядулю!" І я назіраў, як яго маленькі брат Сано гуляе ў рэгбі на YouTube.

Тайлер: Ці ёсць у вашым жыцці жанчына ў дадзены момант?

Джон: У мяне ёсць некалькі вельмі добрых сяброў, якія дапамагалі мне праз час, калі я згубіўся. Але я нават не шукаю нічога падобнага. Я веру, што яна знойдзе мяне, калі яна будзе гатова.

Тайлер: Калі пачынаецца GUIOPERA II?

Джон: субота, 5 верасня 2009 г., да Дня Нараджэння Хрыстова – усё, што робяць усе GUIOPERA.

Тайлер: І я веру, што будзе больш работ, каб прытрымлівацца ім?

Джон: Безумоўна, мой сябар. Скажам так, Місі, Лазу і я ўжо працуем над LAZOO II-GUIOPERA 5, у якой Генісіс Джонс цяжарная.

Тайлер: Як вы думаеце, вы заўсёды будзеце пісаць пра гэтых персанажаў – Лазу, Генісіс, Паліну і ўсіх астатніх, альбо вы прадугледжваеце дзень, калі вы адмовіцеся ад іх і пачнеце зусім новую выдуманую сагу?

Джон: Я планаваў да 2020 года выкарыстоўваць Lazoo і супрацоўніцтва. На дадзены момант Лазу, Генісіс, Паліна, Місі, Метофеаз, Ле Мак і астатнія акцёры былі мне добрымі, і, як я ўжо казаў, бедныя душы атрымалі ў спадчыну шмат пытанняў у гісторыі, якую я павінен вырашыць. іх. Напрыклад, у GUIOPERA II Маленькі Лазу з'яўляецца сапсаваным хлопцам; ён пакутуе прыступамі панікі; ён мае схільнасці да самаабмежавання. Я павінен дапамагчы сыну Лазу вырашыць пытанні, за яго і яго тату.

Але, каб адказаць на ваш пытанне ў поўным аб'ёме, калі па нейкіх прычынах я не змог працягваць франшызу, якую я карпатліва рабіў, часам каштаваў мне разумнасці, я ўпэўнены, што мог бы стварыць нешта большае і лепшае ў рэчаіснасці, дзе Я быў тым, кім я ёсць на самай справе.

Тайлер: Хм, а кім ты сапраўды можаш быць? Вы кажаце, вы абмежаваныя істоты ў рэальным свеце, а не як вашыя персанажы, якія насяляюць чалавечыя абалонкі? Як вы лічыце, мы ўсе здольныя да большага, і жыццё дае нам шторы?

Джон: Тайлер, гэта дзесьці паміж 5:00 і 6:00 раніцы. Пасля адказу на гэтае пытанне я павінен гатовы сутыкнуцца з дзень, як звычайны чалавек, які працуе на дзённай рабоце, плаціць арэнду. Пішу, калі магу. Аднойчы я спадзяюся напісаць, калі хачу.

Тайлер: Добра, Джон. Дзякуй за ваш час. Чакаем прэм'еры GUIOPERA II.