Easy guide to parking in Chicago, there are many options

Summer time – the best time for the baseball games in the White Sox and Cubs, Lake Michigan employment, Millennium Park, boat tours and more, which are characterized by a crowd of people. The Magnificent mile and hinges littered with tourists, and it is difficult to book a room and a parking lot. Autumn and summer in Chicago offers a variety of options to explore the city, as well as time to pay for accommodation.

It is also a time when finding a place is very difficult to park in Chicago. Of course, you can park outside the major shopping centers, but this is not some kind of ridiculous, authoritative method. Here are a few ways to find a place in Chicago.

Some places in Chicago such that no matter how early you arrive at the event, you can not find a place. Here is a simple way, just be prepared to take a few steps. This means that the Park your car a few blocks away, finding a suitable place to park. If you are looking for a place in the city center, on a weekday very impossible, but you might think about finding an empty seat at a short distance, and you will need to go every time.

Read the signs. This is because you can always find the sign "NO PARKING" next to an empty street, but do not forget to check the expiration dates. As a sign of & # 39; No parking & # 39; is not for all time, there may be times when parking is allowed. They may prohibit certain dates or if the snow is more than 2 inches, and so on.

There may be signs that say: "Do not ZASTAVANNE not supplied from 6 am to 18 pm Monday – Friday." This means that the park at any time on Saturdays and Sundays and after 18 pm from Monday to Friday. If your visit is for a short time, look for a sign, which refers to a 15-minute standing zone, Monday through Friday. Where you can park for free for 15 minutes. Understanding of written signs always helps to quickly find a place to park in Chicago.

Check the residential areas of the neighborhood for free parking. Ensure that the service does not require permission. This is important, since some areas need a solution at a particular time. There are neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Square and Wicker Park, which is full of bars, shops, clubs and music venues, surrounded by residential areas. This gives you the ability to park nearby.

Another option – sites such as Parkopedia, which help determine the location of a parking space, as well as in the calculation of the exact location prices. You just need to put in the search box address that you want to find at the time. You get all the details, such as the nearest parking equipment, garages and per hour fee, as well as relevant information on free parking on the street at the time, when you want to park. It is a few instructions on the parking lot, which can benefit from the proper use of it.