History of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Fish Fry

In Fry Fry Friday – a tradition in Milwaukee and the rest of the State of Wisconsin for many years. About every bar, restaurant, tavern or pub is such. It offers all kinds of fish, including native fish such as grouper, cod, blue and ridges, but others are now also available as catfish, tynka, pollock, haddock, and even bass. You can get fried fish, fried pan, dipped in batter saturated in flour or corn flour or baked, but no matter how you cook, but favorite eats everything what you can & # 39; is. We love their fish.

But what started this tradition? Why Wisconsin? Why fish? Why are all you can eat? Well, after delve into the history of Wisconsin, we can find answers. The story begins in the Milwaukee area at the end of 1800 because of two reasons – Beer and religion. So, thanks to the German, Polish and Italian immigration in Milwaukee that brought with them their Catholic belief, religion participates in the tradition.

The Germans brought beer manufacturers from the old country, who have found an excellent source of water (and a source of ice for shipping) and rising grain center in the United States, to provide an ideal place for brewing beer. Few breweries sprung up around Wisconsin to provide immigrants from Europe, local-brewed beer. Some of these brewers as Fredrik Miller, August Pabst, Joseph Schlitz and Valantsin cronyism, continued to produce the giant brewery that made Milwaukee beer capital of the world.

These breweries were giants and produced not only a wide Brewery in Milwaukee, but also the competition between these breweries led to the creation of large hotels and many excellent "beer parlors", which were very elegant place to socialize and, of course, drinking beer. In addition to the hotels, the brewery built amusement parks, to help establish their brand at the beginning of the next generation of beer drinkers.

Pabst Whitefish Bay owned resort on the corner of Ardmore Avenue and St. Henry Clay in Whitefish Bay, which was attached to an amusement park. While competing with please send. Pabst wanted a way to attract more people to the resort, and since Lake Michigan whitefish was so inexpensive, they decided to offer a sig for a cheap night on Friday. It was a huge blow. People soon flocked to the amusement park whitefly and address on Friday, and then on the weekend for frying fish, as well as after, and please send others.

Brewery belonged to numerous taverns and restaurants in Milwaukee and soon to & # 39 appeared to offer fry fish as bait to sell more beer. Hold the cheapest price for the inexpensive fish dinner, he struck up people branded bars and the beer consumed in further cementing the brand with Milwaukee. Then they switched to a free lunch with the fish, to further instill their brand and build loyalty. Free food with fish and a couple of pints of beer will help these workers.

Beer ban ended, although some taverns survived, preserving traditions. Since the owners of restaurants and bars had to keep customers returning, they have expanded the time when young fish were offered, and grilled fish family affair. This helped secure the fish fry as a tradition. Fortunately, the ban was over, and soon the ice cold beer you could fall again.

Malek fish offered on Fridays as an alternative to meat during abstinence from preservation of the Catholic tradition. In the end, it is taken from the bars and restaurants, as they have become so popular, and started with & # 39; to appear in the local churches. Initially, parishioners offer an alternative frying fish in taverns and bars, but also allow the seven & # 39; pits to participate in family activities, but also to build a close relationship between the church and its members. This tradition remains strong to this day.

Many churches offer a Friday fish fry, and during Lent attended by many more people. Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday and is held forty days before Easter (excluding Sundays) and should be a time of reflection and do without it. Initially, it was the speed of time, but because the forty days little time to most people watched go without food and on Friday it reduced to not eat meat. Fish was the perfect alternative. During Lent, many restaurants, bars and some churches also offer a fish fry on Wednesdays, and also comes from Ash Wednesday. This allows people to one more day to enjoy the fish and do not have to be solved on such long features that are common to most restaurants and churches.

The most popular fish – pike, perch and cod, although there are many other options. You can fill your fish seasoned flour and pan fry in deep fat. You can also opt for a thick beer batter of flour, eggs and beer and then fried. Although most of the fish fries today fried, deep frying really does not start until the 50s, when commercial fryer, which made it possible to come up and small bars and restaurants could offer fish fried fish. Prior to that, most of the fish was fried in a pan. It was not only a popular form of fish to enjoy, but also was a great way you can cook the fish in large quantities and be able to provide more hungry snacks.

Milwaukee probably will not know who Luis Hirshynger, but they owe him a big thank you for the fact that the second half brought the tradition in Milwaukee – all you can eat fish fry. Louis, who, along with his wife, Ruth Tanner Paul owned a restaurant in the West Alice, and after a visit to a small restaurant on the East Coast during the trip found anything that you can & # 39; have a chicken dinner. He was fascinated by the idea and thought he would try the same thing in his restaurant in Milwaukee with fish. It was a huge blow, which confirmed the grilled fish as one of the favorite traditions of Milwaukee.

Fish fries in Milwaukee has its roots in religion, and in brewing, brought by German immigrants. Along with beer their eating habits have helped to shape what became another part of the tradition. Accompanying fish in traditional German fry fish – potato pancakes, applesauce, cabbage, rye bread and tartar sauce. They can still be found in many restaurants or, at least, all the side options, but the fries has become the party that accompanies most of the fish fry is now in so many bars, taverns and pubs.

Wherever you go in Wisconsin, you will find the fish fry of one kind or another. If you are visiting Milwaukee or Wisconsin for the first time, you really need to join the local traditions and try it. If you live there, you're always looking for the best. It may be infinite, but tasty search. For a complete list of every young fish in the Milwaukee area, go to the Manual on fish thirst for Milwaukee