What you may not know about motorcycles in Colorado

Since last summer passes is not uncommon to meet more riders on Colorado roads, especially on weekends. Motorcycle as popular as ever in Colorado. Since 2012 the number of registered increased bicycle. But they are also more deadly than ever. Just last year, in automotive vehicles accidents killed 125 motorcyclists, 15 percent jump compared with the year before last, and all the higher for Colorado. In fact, over the past few years, cases of death in motorcycle increase and now account for over 20 percent of all road deaths in the state. In fact, a recent study of the National Administration for road safety shows that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than anyone else.

Colorado – Mecca

Colorado ranks among the top 15 states for motorcycle registration. The state for years is slowly rising to the rating. On average, Americans have one motorcycle for every 35.7 inhabitants. In Colorado there is one bike for every 29 residents.

Last year alone, SmartAsset, financial and technical firm, which uses the data to offer consumers "free, rational advice on big financial decisions," takes rating Fort Collins, Colorado, the main city in America among motorcycle owners. In addition to the scenic roadways ways, SmartAsset rating linked lack of urban traffic in order to win the Fort Collins for motorcyclists. Drivers Fort Collins spend less than 20 hours per year on the average traffic, making Fort Collins one of the 20 least busy cities.

Low taxes from Colorado gas – another thank for the riders. State gasoline tax is only 22 cents per gallon.

What are the laws of Colorado in motorcycles?

The most characteristic of Colorado laws on motorcycles with & # 39 is no helmet requirements for drivers over 18 years. NHTSA data shows that nearly two-thirds of deaths due to motorcycle accidents occurred when drivers drove without helmets in states without mandatory helmet laws. In states with helmet mandates remains a 13 percent mortality rate, but it is surprising that only 19 states require all riders to wear a helmet.

However, Colorado requires some type of eye protection for all riders. Typically, this includes goggles, glasses or helmet, but does not rule out the windshield. But surprisingly, there is no requirement in Colorado mirror for motorcycles that is even harder to see ourselves well during the ride.

An important law, which should be taken into account, with the & # 39 is a Colorado motorcycle ban "carriageway or overtake" the vehicle in the same lane. Exchange-lane or separation lane is against the law. However motorcycles can be shared with other motorcycles. Like any other car on the road, Colorado requires motorcyclists to insure a minimum amount of liability insurance.

Helmet laws save lives

There is no doubt that the laws on helmet motorcycle riders maintain alive. Michigan offers a chilling study. State repealed helmet laws in 2012, requiring only happy people under the age of 21 years. During the first year the mortality rate among the riders without a helmet nearly doubled. The number of hospitalized patients in the trauma has jumped by 14 percent, and the number of skull fractures jumped nearly 40 percent.

In a motorcycle accident can be a terrible experience. In addition to the bike rider is much more vulnerable than someone in a car or truck. It's not even rate. Studies show that most motorcycle accidents occur when drivers go under 30 miles / min!