Where the greatest neon sign in the world?

Where is the giant sign? It was there where it should be. In this country there is only one logical place where it can be. No, it's not in New York. Neon sign of this size requires a lot of space. He also has to advertise a place that a & # 39 is quite popular to this giant sign could pay for itself. It is a place that attracts millions of visitors each year. New York really gets them.

But where could they put it? The Times Square is not enough space. In addition, a corporation that has a neon sign that there is a property in the Big Apple, but there is no place for this sign, which is not a & # 39 is a sign on the building that you can hang or attach it to the building. The only place that meets all the requirements, if you still have not guessed – is the "strip" in Las Vegas. This place is ideal, because the money received here far exceed any income in New York, and if you see the price, you'll see why Las Vegas nod. The most obvious reason for the size of this neon sign points to Las Vegas.

This neon sign was the idea of ​​the corporation Hilton Hotel. The company, which was to build the original mark, planned to build a width of 364 feet on the ground when they began work in 1994. However, this neon sign was virtually destroyed during the construction of the wind storm in July of the same year. However, as for happiness, undamaged foundation and steel structure could be used, if the foundation for the new signage was filled in 1996. He has become the largest and the world's tallest free advertising sign. Las Vegas, known as the "City of Lights", was the brightest neon sign anywhere.

Just what makes this neon sign of the brightest star in the city? Migtselnyh powered by ballast and neon transformers. The light is provided over 1500 flashers. The total area of ​​the plate is more than 70, 000 square feet. This neon able to create as many as 64 shades of color changing. hotel, Hilton, done in the style of the letters smuggled width of 164 feet and a height of 29 feet and 910 feet of lighting is used. Sign & # 39 is a two-way and reflects the ridges, which are four bulbs deeply, always up and down.

The label presented the logo "Star Trek: The Experience" and programmable read-board. Bilateral reader board to 40 feet tall and 80 feet wide and filled with 32,000 colored lights on the side. Stellar plate portion occupied 6944 linear feet to neon lighting. Flashers sign ballast is used to turn on and off color, movement of light across the screen and maximize efficiently and effectively control the symbol flashing. Minalnyya flashing ballast with a 120 volt power that can reliably stop at low temperatures. They support up to three lamps and cathodes are preheated to improve performance of the lamp. Ballast good about 20 000 hours. The sign was very popular among visitors. There is another name that can certainly be applied to the mark at a price of approximately $ 9 million, and it could become the most expensive in the world of neon signs.

It is interesting to note that in Michigan Saginaw argues that it has the largest neon sign in the state. This 35 "height and 50" in length and are said to be the biggest shaped mark in the entire United States. Shaped mark is based on human or animal figures.

Neon signs – this is what we see every day. From our largest cities to the smallest towns, they display their colorful shine day and night in different types of outward & # 39; I. Although their main function – advertising, they add warm lights to decorate a lot of dark areas. They add color for drawing buildings.

In the US there are Times Square and Las Vegas, where the impressive neon storefronts. In London there is a circus Piccadilly, a well-known display. Some other places with bright central characters – a glass Ginza and Tokyo, bun Do Do Do Osaka, Shanghai Road Nanjinj (the world's largest shopping street), as well as quarter Soi Cowboy Bankok, named after the American who opened a bar in 1970 ies. This list came out of it the so-called unpleasant eccentricities in which pink elephants marching through the streets of neon pink.

Neon signs are found worldwide. Although they announce their message in hundreds of languages, their purpose and use are the same as they are here.