Hobby Clark Street in Chicago

Street North-South in Chicago, Clark Street is located near the shores of Lake Michigan. This famous street of Chicago was built on Indian trails leading to the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin. The street was named in relation to the older brother of William Clark, George Rogers Clark, who was a revolutionary war hero. He is responsible for the capture of the region of North-West, fighting against the British. Today, Clark Street is popular among travelers from around the world who seek to experience the "real Chicago."

Commercial Feed "Andersanvil" runs through the well-known and well-known streets of Chicago. This commercial strip can be found between intersections Ashland Avenue and Foster Avenue. Travelers will also find the entry point to the cemetery on the street Greyslend Clark. Here is a concert and the underground hall.

Clark Street was the site of a famous massacre on Valentine's Day. South of the border the street travelers will find intriguing attractions such as Lincoln Park, which covers 1200 acres. There is also the Chicago History Museum, founded in 1856, which contains some of the most important historical artifacts Chicago. Next to the North of the environment on the river Clark Street, McDonald's will open a rock 'n' roll, which is a & # 39 is one of the most famous places in the world McDonald. Other significant attractions down the street include Chicago River on a bridge Clark Street, Town Hall, Thompson Center, Daley Center and Monument constant beast.

In the 3500 quarter outside North Clark has a large number of bars. It is estimated that of a total of 40 companies on this side of Clark about 50% of them are bar. This beautiful street is close to many well-appointed living spaces. For example, Shangri-La Hotel, Chicago – a great choice of luxury hotel in Chicago, which offers a fusion of unsurpassed service and a & # 39 world-class facilities.