Christmas fantasy Amish: Simple and fantastic Christmas by Cynthia Keller – Error birth rebirth

If you received an anonymous, a true letter, which says that you have mistakenly switched at birth and biologically belong to Amish parents, you would have kept their appointment? That's the premise of a new fictional book, Traditional and trendy Christmas Cynthia Koehler.

Two babies were born a few days of each other in a hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, thirty years ago. Both were named Rachel, one of which belonged to the kings, some local & # 39; and Amish. Other Rachel (she, too, Eli) was born with Jill and Nina Lawrence from New York. During a trip to the city Nina came in order.

Nenatalnaya nurse Violetta romantically involved and eventually married, then fifty, pediatrician Paul Thornton. Closed alcoholic, he defiantly turned both babies in the hospital. Both were silent for the car & # 39; EASURES.

Now after Dr. Thornton is going through his mortality, Violetta writes katartychny letter in which he informs the two women that occurred thirty years ago: "Two women in two different states, have received the same letter then she could finally breathe freely. knowing that she had done something that should have been done long ago. "

Discovering your ancestry, every woman confirms things about its essence. Eli offended clutter and disorganization, a key feature of the Amish. Rachel has always questioned the life of her family & # 39; and their faith, and in the world.

Rachel Yoder (Rachel's husband, Jacob, died three years ago of cancer, and she and eleven daughter Katie returned to live on the farm King) affects the revocation of the sheet; still chooses to remain silent.

However, Eli Lawrence intrigued her genealogy; and decides to continue meeting with the biologically amishskimi parents.

Rachel received a letter from Eli about her intentions; and she is forced to put the accident in the hospital for my family & # 39; and.

Kings agree to visit Ely. Then wanting to spend more time with the Kings, Eli asks to stay on the farm for a week. Kings oblige. While there, she dressed more simply wears less make-up and participates in the daily milking cows at 16.30. She also gets a reprieve from the post of vice-president in the Manhattan firm of public relations: "No office politics, no gossip, any good treatment to people who can not stand it."

Rachel shamefully aware of its zeal to Eli; and she realizes that she is also free to explore their heritage. Laurence welcomes her mid-visit with its new, long desired granddaughter, Katie.

Couples enthusiastically showered clan Lawrence, when they like tea at the Plaza, as well as tours of the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.

After his weekly visit with the Kings Ely determines what he wants with them additional time. She meets up with Rachel, and reveals her intentions, daring deeds alien to Rachel. "I wish that we were friends. Eli's tone was thoughtful. But it seems it does not work. Why pretend?"

Eli suggests that Rachel and her daughter Kathy fail Manhattan apartment and communication with Lawrence. After much deliberation, Rachel agrees to the embarrassment of her parents, who are opposed to uproot Katie to live in a big city.

Summarizing Katie in the city is less than ideal. Conversely, Rachel realizes her effortless desire to go beyond the standard school in the Amish in the eighth grade.

Navabranaya Eli Elishama lives in incessant new experiences, including new classes and novel.

Many authors of fiction, based on the culture of the Amish, a few, but carried away by the depth of the plot as Keller. Traditional and trendy Christmas creatively combines storylines for processing holiday reading.

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