Sightseeing Mountain Alabama

Panorama Mountain Mountain Parkway travels through three states if winds 93 miles along the near mountains. Park provides scenic views and many recreational opportunities. Ghost is especially beautiful in spring, when the rhododendron and mountain laurel bloom, and in autumn, when the leaves are changing. The southern end of the park road begins in northeast Alabama near Gadsdenam in the park Nokalula Park. Then AL Hwy 176 and County Road 89 delivered to travelers through the scenic canyon of the Little River, near Desota State Park and the picturesque mountain town of Mentone, Alabama. The route turns to the AL Hwy 117 and crosses into Georgia, where travelers can with & # 39; to go to the State Park Klendlen Canyon. GA Hwys 136 and 189 continue for the foreseeable Mountains to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Along the way, visitors can stop at famous landmarks Rock City and Ruby Falls. Here are the highlights of scenic stops along the Lookout Mountain Parkway in northeast Alabama.

Noccalula Falls Park shows in a 90-foot waterfall that empties into a pretty gorge. The park also has walking paths, caves, botanical garden, exhibit animals, habitat, deer park and a pioneer village with historical structures. Entrance to the park is $ 6 for adults, $ 4 for seniors and $ 3 for ages 4-12 years.

Little River Canyon – a beautiful natural gorge, where the river drops 1,350 feet in 12 miles. There are beautiful views from the canyon. Camping includes hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding and picnics. Picnic area in the mouth of the Canyon – a popular area for everyday use.

DeSoto State Park – one of the most popular parks in Alabama. Visitors can enjoy walking trails and twenty miles to view a series of waterfalls, including DeSoto Falls, which drops more than 100 feet. Dam over lows produced the first public hydroelectric power plant in the 1920s. Other park amenities – a restaurant, swimming pool, nature center with live animals and camping.

City of Mentone, Alabama, was a popular sanatorium in the late 1800s, when people thought that the mineral resources of the area have medicinal properties. Today Mentone – is a rustic mountain resort town, where there are shops, restaurants, night and breakfast, rented cabins. In the city in spring and autumn hosts major festivals of arts and crafts. Nearby dude ranch and golf resort also bring visitors to Mentone.

Hunter Mountain Mountain Parkway to the & # 39 is part of the world's longest yard sale every August. Hunters trade can follow the park road and US Hwy 127 more than 600 miles from Alabama to Michigan in search of great deals for the sale of the yard. The four-day event was made at performances HGTV.