cleaning snowstorm

About five years ago I was driving from New York to Michigan with my friend when we were suddenly in a battle with maternal nature. How we survived, it was direct evidence of the power of prayer to experience us through the penitential experience. This happened in the middle of winter.

See if you can find in the history of what part HEAR principle was used (there is delight, entertain the possibility of acting on intuition, remember who helped you).


We were traveling from New York to Michigan and drove seven hundred miles without an accident, when my friend and I decided to stop at a gas station in a small rural town in Canada. It's time for a coffee and a quick trip to the bathroom. Getting out of the car, I looked up to the sky. It was dark and ominous, almost anticipating. The air was uncomfortably damp, and immediately drizzle.

I went to the rest room and ran back to the car. Although the fuel tank was only half-full, I prefer to refill it. Normally I would have waited for me to gauge smoking warning sign. However, I filled it, paid for it by credit card, and hurried back to the highway.

To my delight, it began to snow. But in the blink of an eye it revolved more and more, dramatically reducing visibility. Within minutes, it was night, and I was forced to slow down the car. My stomach that night for the first time was delayed.

The roads quickly turned to ice, and the wind was getting stronger by the minute. It seemed that I was the pilot a small plane through turbulence. We had to quickly find a hotel.

In the end, my friend and I saw that we both felt familiar for accommodation in the hotel before leaving. On a blind storm, it was difficult to consider it, but we decided to take a chance and leave the motorway.

About a mile down the road, we noticed a lone car in front. Thinking that they were from the area, we followed them, but after a few minutes we realized that they also lost. We have nothing to do but to go back.

Rotating machines for the narrow two-lane road was not an easy feat. Wind howled menacingly around us. The possibility of getting wind in the trenches was a real – very real. With the highest concentration I could muster, I took a deep breath and razmahnuv machine back and forth an inch at a time to turn around.

Suddenly the rear wheels spinning as the Var & # 39; yaty.

It was a bad feeling. Despite the danger to plunge even deeper into the snow, I continued to shake the car until the wheels finally stood up, and the car miraculously jumped forward.

Thank God.

We went the other way, my heart was beating wildly. On ghostly white scenery there were no signs of life. My friend convinced me to go back to the highway and possibly find an overpass for temporary shelter until the storm is not a breath.

I looked at the gas meter. Incredibly, it was still full.

Leaning over the steering wheel, and screwing up his eyes, I tried to find through a howling blizzard ramp, but it was almost impossible to see where I'm going.

In the midst of all this, I somehow remembered how I carry in the right pocket a small stone with Vyara, inscription of on the surface. The right hand trembled when I touched the smooth polished rock. Wrapping his hand on the stone, I closed my eyes and muttered: "Dear God, please, give us the highway Please, lead us home now.".

When I opened my eyes, my mouth dropped in amazement. We got to the entrance to the highway! As we got there, I'll never know.

Clutching the steering wheel, I slowly pulled up to the ice ramp, fully relying on the little yellow reflectors that shimmer car headlight glare. Finally, back on the road, we continued treacherous journey ezdivshy with cochlear pace for a long time.

A few hours later we saw from afar a few rays of light that resembled a small bustling town. I sighed with relief.

However, as we approached, we saw that it was not the city — it was a bunch of cars and trucks that remained in the pits (on both sides of the road).

At this moment, the past and current problems have completely disappeared from my mind. I thought I forgive everyone who is in the past, "hurt me". I released all my resentment, anger, and problems with self-interest. My biggest concern was returning home alive that night. Never before have I made so much intellectual prybirennyav for one night!

Nine hours our tired, dull eyes have seen the most beautiful sign that we have ever seen:

BRIDGE In the US, 27 miles.

We were at home.

Who says that God does not know how to give you a good deal for the mental house cleaning?

He even paid for the gas. The prosecution never with & # 39; was on my credit card!