History of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Fish Fry

In Fry Fry Friday – a tradition in Milwaukee and the rest of the State of Wisconsin for many years. About every bar, restaurant, tavern or pub is such. It offers all kinds of fish, including native fish such as grouper, cod, blue and ridges, but others are now also available as catfish, tynka, pollock, […]

What you may not know about motorcycles in Colorado

Since last summer passes is not uncommon to meet more riders on Colorado roads, especially on weekends. Motorcycle as popular as ever in Colorado. Since 2012 the number of registered increased bicycle. But they are also more deadly than ever. Just last year, in automotive vehicles accidents killed 125 motorcyclists, 15 percent jump compared with […]

Hobby Clark Street in Chicago

Street North-South in Chicago, Clark Street is located near the shores of Lake Michigan. This famous street of Chicago was built on Indian trails leading to the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin. The street was named in relation to the older brother of William Clark, George Rogers Clark, who was a revolutionary war hero. He […]

Sightseeing Mountain Alabama

Panorama Mountain Mountain Parkway travels through three states if winds 93 miles along the near mountains. Park provides scenic views and many recreational opportunities. Ghost is especially beautiful in spring, when the rhododendron and mountain laurel bloom, and in autumn, when the leaves are changing. The southern end of the park road begins in northeast […]