History of Michigan sugar

October 17, 1898 in the suburbs of Michigan Bay City, Eseksvil smiling governor B. Hazen Pingree was on hand to witness the beginning of the first harvest of sugar beet Michigan. By doing this, Pingree announced a period of speculative investments in the production of sugar beet, which marked the establishment of companies that sometimes […]

football thanks

a fun and game always inevitable part of entertainment for both young and old. People in America celebrate this festival is a charity event, due to the rapid participation in the game football that brings a wave of pure joy and satisfaction in the hearts set of fanatical football fans who went & # 39 […]

Healing waters of Mount Clemens, Michigan

For over a century the world elite flock to the resort town of Mountain. Clemens, Michigan to soothe your body in the ancient healing waters of the Michigan Basin. With 34 essential minerals, Mt. Seawater contains Clemens greatest mineral content in any water body in the world. Despite the fact that the glory days of […]

Benjamin Butel, a real son of Michigan

Summer day in 1860 on the banks of the river lay along the river bank. The observer could be forgiven for what he did not realize that a lone passenger was the young people who grew into dominant in two areas of Michigan towing logs and the production of sugar, as well as promote the […]

Lexington Hotel reveals the secrets of Al Capone

Lexington is located at the corner of 22th St. Michigan Avenue on the South Side of Chicago, it was the headquarters and nerve center of the empire racketeering and racketeering Al Capone. For innocently cupboards of sheets and hospitality forms were the secret door to the stairs that led to dozens of rooms, for example, […]

Landmarks of the Traverse City

Traverse City – a beautiful place located in the County of Grand Traverse Michigan, which extends into the county Lelanau. It is surrounded by strange beaches, cool people and stellar numbers. The city also has a share of culture and attractions. With award-winning chefs and wines, located on almost every street, it's hard not to […]

How to find the best hotels in Chicago

There are several different factors when trying to find the best hotels in Chicago. Price, location, amenities and quality of service can enter into the equation. Use the Internet to find the best hotels in Chicago. Budget-minded travelers should check out the less expensive hotels that are commonly found on South Michigan Avenue. Hotels located […]

Romantic hotels of the 19th century

Few Victorian hotel kept their romance and beauty, drawing admiration, such as California Hotel Del Coronado, Grand makintsynski Michigan and Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Michigan, relatively similar, each is unique. Located on the western end of the bay of San Diego, Del Coronado with & # 39 is a landmark Coronado Island, a magical area […]

Using Blockchain

Reportedly, the UN will use blockchain technology as part of Afghanistan’s redevelopment efforts. The plan is part of the City of the Watchdog program, which aims to modernize the country’s urban centers. Blockchain technology hopes to bring transparency to the re-development process. Land Records management is an area where data sharing news will be used. […]

Michigan Criminal Records Check

Perhaps you have a child who loves matte flakes and a & # 39 is a big fan of Tony the Tiger. Would not it be great to carry a son or daughter on a tour of the world headquarters of Kellogg Company in Battle Creek? While in Michigan, you can stay in the Detroit […]