A national survey of car rental policy, types of vehicles and services offered by this company

With Chryslers, Nissans, Hyundai, Ford, convertible and hybrid cars in vain, why so many people opt for national car rental service. No matter what type of car or minibus you will pursue, National offers it. The company occupies a rental locations in big cities, not only the US but also around the world. Top countries include the US, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany and others. You can take a rental car at any airport or city.

It began as a company that manages a number of independent car rental operators, and now she & # 39 is one of the largest corporations in car rental in the world. Part of the success is due to the national company providing excellent services for leisure and business travelers.

The requirement for the minimum age for car hire is 21 years, although there are some exceptions. For example, a civil servant at the age of 18 years may rent a vehicle, but he must submit his official rent office errands. In addition, tenants are aged between 21 and 24 years can rent economy through full-size vehicles. In the states of Michigan and New York any car older than 18 years can rent a car, although the "fee for young rent" charged.

A variety of additional equipment is available for all who need them. If you need child seats, mobile devices, GPS-devices, racks for skis, etc. … inform National of your requirements when booking reservations.

Options for the airport and other charges

The company always remembers that flights and buses are sometimes delayed. Because of this, they will keep your vehicle is twelve o'clock after the scheduled arrival, or until the end of the working day, depending on what happens.

There is a fee for the secondary driver, which currently stands at about $ 12 per day when renting a car in the National average. However, under certain circumstances, for example, in the states that allow the lessee to add a spouse as an "automatic driver" and rent the Emerald Club members, spouses, domestic partners and spouses according to the law have the same address in the driver's license and comply all other conventional lease requirements.

Rent at the National easy. Sometimes it is better to go through the website with discounts on travel, not to book directly from the national website. This method also allows you to save not only on renting a car, but also on the passage. A company with a & # 39 is flexible in their services and will cater to your needs. You can agree to drop the car to another national car rental, than the one from which you pick up the car.

The whole process of obtaining national discounts on car rentals is simple: just use the travel search tools offered by the Internet, which offers a Best Price Guarantee. This is a huge site that offers a variety of budget travel options, no matter where you are planning to travel and that the vehicle you want to rent.