Healing waters of Mount Clemens, Michigan

For over a century the world elite flock to the resort town of Mountain. Clemens, Michigan to soothe your body in the ancient healing waters of the Michigan Basin. With 34 essential minerals, Mt. Seawater contains Clemens greatest mineral content in any water body in the world.

Despite the fact that the glory days of "Bat-America City" are long gone, modern resorts and medical researchers in a different look at the unique mineral complex of the mountain. Clemens water.

In the era before antibiotics and modern medicine, Mt. Clemens annually attracts thousands of people to its famous mineral baths. Socialists and celebrities will come back year after year to "take the waters" in search of relief from aches and pains.

In 1868, the old horse was taken to the pasture, to end his days. Poor nags spent his time stamping in the mud and water near some abandoned, leaky tanks. Soon the horse stopped limping and thoroughly rejuvenated. Thus, they say, the opening of the therapeutic powers of water under the grief. Clemens.

News of the miracle spread, and soon gave up the mountain. Clemens was already. Supporters baths announced excellent effect of treatment to relieve the discomfort associated with skin problems, aching muscles and joints, and a number of other ailments. Postcards since proudly shows powerless, who came out of the bath, devoid of pain.

The first bath house was opened to the mountains. Clemens in 1873, and the industry grew steadily, reaching a peak of popularity in 1910-1911.

Last house that was in the bath, was closed in 1974. The only remaining is currently working well in the mountains. Clemens is owned by Geologix, Inc., which produces and Mineral Essentials Ache Away.

Guest lists from Mt. Luxury resort hotels Clemens reminded that this resort town was once a mecca for many wealthy and famous people. Here are just a few who have found relief from aches and pains in the healing waters:

o Henry Ford, the pioneer of the author

o Mae West, actress

o Babe Ruth, King home

o Booth Tarkingtan author

o William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate

o Helena Rubinstein, beautiful

o William Kellogg, of cereal porridges

o Jerome Kern, songwriter

o Eddie Cantor, singer / songwriter

o William Jennings Bryan, US Congressman

o Jack Dempsey, the boxer

o John L. Sullivan, a boxer

o William Shteynvey manufacturer Piano

Healing mineral waters Mt. Clemens with & # 39 is the product of the geological evolution of more than 600 million years. During the Paleozoic era in the field, which is now in the Great Lakes region, formed a shallow focus. Sea is a large swimming pool, now known as Michigan's pool, which is collected sediment from the sea and the surrounding land.

A sharp shift climatic conditions caused seawater will evaporate slowly, putting a layer on the layer of mineral salts. He remained thick mineral brine which contains a unique complex of 34 minerals.

Brine lay restlessly until 1862, when the exploration company, hoping to strike oil-rich, entered instead of thick mineral water. Finding that the water is rich in salt, the company tried to save the operation. Extract salt only with this rich mineral mixtures were simple, but low-grade Salle – everything that could be done. As a result, the commercial value has decreased, and the enterprise was short-lived.

Fortunately for the city of Mt. Clemens, rich in minerals brine found a better purpose. With the advent of the Great Depression and the growing popularity of "modern medicine," the number of visitors to the city. Clemens gradually decreased. At present, there is only one well for the access to the ancient sea water, which is used to create a line of medical and skin care.

While the glory days of Michigan "Bath City" are long gone, highly concentrated mineral water is abundant. It still is pumped out of the well, resulting from the depth of 1400 feet.

Mt. Clemens mineral water has the same mineral composition as today, when it was first discovered, and has a potency that does not succeed anywhere else on earth. In water, natural 34 minerals, equivalent to 2 pounds minerals per 5 liters of mineral water. In this water contains high concentrations of sodium, calcium and magnesium. Sodium provides energy for the active cell transport. Calcium has a calming effect, and is crucial for the overall mineral balance of the body. Magnesium, in addition to enhancing the viability of cells, also has therapeutic properties. It acts as an anti-allergy and need a lot of enzymes that stimulate cell activity and slow down the aging process.

The same minerals that are necessary to our skin and body daily to maintain a healthy balance, are found in abundance in the natural mineral water pool Michigan. These minerals support healthy cell metabolism, reduce pain in muscles and joints, to improve blood circulation, reinforce, restore and maintain structural integrity of the skin, the skin is cleaned and purified, and protect against loss of fluid.

Everything from diet to rough lifestyle can rob us of much-needed minerals. As a result, our skin and body loses an essential trace mineral, with the result that it becomes dehydrated, weak and slowly recovered.

Geologix, Inc. It includes mineral-rich waters Mt. Clemmons contains its therapeutic drugs and products for skin care products that make it easy to absorb the minerals into the skin to remineralised and replenish cells naturally. Transdermal absorption of this mineral allows to go deep into the body, supplying important mineral strength to the muscles, joints and skin.