Benjamin Butel, a real son of Michigan

Summer day in 1860 on the banks of the river lay along the river bank. The observer could be forgiven for what he did not realize that a lone passenger was the young people who grew into dominant in two areas of Michigan towing logs and the production of sugar, as well as promote the development of a number of companies in other areas that would add immeasurable wealth of Michigan's economy.

Skef fed in a continuous movement, under the influence of the waves that hit the shore and then retreated in accordance with the movement of ships and trains, which repulsed the Saginaw River channel. Her shkipernatstsatsigadovy skipper Benjamin Butel sighed dreamily. Movement along the river shook him deeper and he basked in the warmth of the sun, maryvshy of sea adventures, in which he was a major figure.

He did not hear the sounds of sawing and hammer, exit of ships from the shore and other noisy shelters typical of Bay City, Michigan in 1860. For ten years the city's population exploded from fifty souls to more than three thousand, every day comes more from Canada or Detroit to take a job in one of the fifteen mills located on the river bank. Before the timber close to forty years later, thirty thousand people called home Bay City, and more than one hundred sawmills posted riverbanks from Bay City to Saginavu, twelve miles away.

His father, Daniel Butel, had one of the hotels located a few meters from the south-east corner of Water Street and Third. Recently it was the home of the Sherman. Located opposite the shipping company of planting the "Detroit", he was often the first stop for newcomers to the city. Daniel moved his Butel something & # 39; nd thirty miles north of Birch Run to take a hotel and after an extensive renovation hung at the entrance to the new shingle. Now it was the home of Butel, home from home for the Great Lakes sailors who were forced to feel closer to some guests & # 39; and, the patrons, as many of the nine Butelav children shared the hotel with them.

Fascinated by the stories told by sailors, Ben loved the river and a large bay of Saginaw, the door to the Great Lakes, a doorway that he planned to go for one day. Meanwhile, he earned the road, calling the fire protection company, where he served as first assistant foreman and helped his father in the hotel where he was acquainted with questions about the sailors schooners, plumes, barges and tugs. The infectious smile and a genuine interest in languages ​​relaxed sailors enjoyed the enthusiasm of Ben; they are happy to share reports about his adventures and knowledge of all things nautical.

Having learned a lot about the nature of the goods that are moved from port to port on the Great Lakes, he began to pay special attention to the movement of logs hauled by powerful tugs. The task of transporting felled trees to the mill, located in one of the main towns in the state of sawmills, Saginaw and Bay City and Muskegon, was crucial to the success of the forest industry. Water transport provides the least expensive solution. Logs hewn from Michigan forests, swam downstream collected in estuaries, sorted in floating pens called "boom", and the tugs towed to the mills, which littered the river from Saginava to Bay City. From the forests along the shoreline of Georgian Bay in Canada tow tugs which were towing boom with thousands of logs across Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay to be sent to the sawmill that await.

The captains of tugs faced many threats: the sudden storm that threatened to destroy the fragile cords of logs that formed the arrow on the ship disaster, the explosion of boilers and fires that could leave crews abandoned to the cold water away from the rocky coast. The idea of ​​taking the helm of the ship razgarela fancy hotel son.

His ambitions have received a boost in the twenty-first year, when a fire destroyed the house Butel. Dan Butel fought with the flames, until only corruptible rubble. Light, closed the smoke, he worsened health, until death said about him in the next year. The existence of something & # 39; and in danger, Ben immediately signed up as a full-time sailor in the Free steam tug. Within a year he was a friend of the waves, and the following year earned documents laid on him the duties of the ship captain.

As captain Butelem, he took over command of Ajax, a steam tug, which recently became the property of the First National Bank in Bay. The bank acquired it in such a way as banks often purchase assets – by default. Twenty-two-year-old captain of the novice turned for help to the engineer by the name of Samuel Jones, whose salary as captains, was driven by the profit of the ship, and to the cook he treated tenderly Kitty aunt and has both an impressive girth and a penchant for adventure. Ben Jones and Aunt Kitty controlled by dragging a rope, which falls when working with Ben, as easily perform daily tasks, such as cutting wood for the boiler and the control of the boat business. Trio cleared for owners of 6000 dollars (about 84 million dollars in 2009), which gave the young captain of the ship's captain with a reputation for world-class knowledge of the Great Lakes.

Bold competence has attracted the attention of Captain William Mitchell, the master of the Union tugs. Mitchell was fond of frenzied young people with an attractive smile, whose energy seemed to be expanded to respond to any challenge. They became fast friends and business partners, acquiring over time tugs Park, barges, schooners and cargo trucks, which as a result had more than fifty. Butel organized large rafts, containing four million feet of lumber, making it the largest timber carrier lumber era. In general, an alloy made of wood and other towing tugs worked for his services to five hundred people. He found himself among them. Even if its assets and reputation grew, he remained at the helm of one or another buksirki five years alone, the captain Annie Moils until, finally, the debt created by his growing wealth, it is not contained on the beach.

Although Ben never left behind the boy, who spent the shore on a small float, the capital, he announced the owners of boats and a captain on Lake Michigan, on Lake Supereer, on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, in the end, would bring success. When Ben Butel, William Mitchell and future partner, Peter Smith committed himself with a branch of lumber, they tied themselves to the star, which rises, but a little at a distance, before the break. If the white pine forests melted away under the pressure of axes and saws, the need for butelyah Butelya disappeared. For a time, his plan went where it began, vyvozivshy logs from Canada. However, prohibitive duties have ended any hope of profit from Canadian wood. With a sinking heart, Ben, who once transported an average of one hundred million timber boards for the season, watching the shuttles at the docks.

It happened that the captain Benjamin Butel in 1897 at the age of fifty-three years, turned-off, but the unemployed and seeks new opportunities. Although he was no longer finish the young man who inspired the legend, he was still friendly, easy and, as always, dressed in clothes pamyatanuyu. Shaggy mustache – is all that remains of the once prominent beard, and though he carefully drew attention to the weekly sermon in the Episcopal Methodist Church of Madison Avenue, he said in his speech meaningless phrases that would bring deep furrows in the features of his minister, they were uttered in its presence. General cleanliness of the result of too many dinners, prepared under the direction of Amelia, his wife of nearly thirty years, deprived him ever sportswear collection. Although the body has become steeper, full and less able to individually control the falsification of the schooner, inquisitive young man was still present in his eyes, which shone on the idea of ​​adventure.

With the advent of lumber, thirty years after Ben adbuksavav its first raft of logs, many who have gained wealth in the forests of Michigan, moved away, carrying their wealth in the distant city. Ben Butel stayed put, reinvestuyuchy most of his wealth in Michigan. He opened his eyes to opportunities in many areas. Knowing little about any of them, insatiable curiosity, guided by its direction. Soon he owned major share of coal mines, shipping industry, machine-building plants, cement factories, banks, telephone companies, foundries, and sugar mills. His interests covered the country from Boston, where he owned offshore barge to the city of Redwood City, California, where he founded the country's first cement factory Portland State. In the end, he served as an officer or director of the thirty-two companies, nine of them in the sugar industry in Michigan. He also founded the Colorado potato and sugar beet industry, led by the two sugar companies in Colorado and served on the boards of two Canadian companies that later became the basis of the Canadian Sugar Company Dominion. In addition, he had a large farm, where they grow sugar beets, as well as a ranch on 4,000 acres in the northern part of the state.

Only for his interest in sugar would be enough to have two or three leaders were busy year. Not a single person in Michigan did not devote so much of their wealth and time developing in the sugar beet industry, as Captain Benjamin Butel. He was one of the first founders of the company for the production of beet sugar in Michigan, the company's Michigan Sugar Company, where he served as Director and Vice President. He held a similar position in the Sugar Company Bay City. He was co-founder of Sugar Company Saginaw, where served as treasurer and held directorships. He was president of the Sugar Company "Lansing" and the treasurer of the Sugar Company "Marine City" and has held Director posts in the Sugar Company in Mount Clemens, Keralantan and Meno.

Wide Sugar Trust, an organization that for decades kept the supply of sugar in the steel did not have their support. With the growth of confidence in the government, he sold his shares of companies that have come under his control, and invested in independent companies, keeping a distance from the forms of business organization, which lost commitment in America.

Butel captain with equal ease in command deck of sailing salons and meeting rooms, making regular investments, which prevented the formation of hundreds of companies. But, having a portal of his house, he went into a matriarchal society, which is headed by his wife Amelia and her identical twin sister Cornelia.

Amelia Datlinger Charlotte and her sister were born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1850 or 1851. Their father died when he was three months old, and forced them to move to her mother Katharine Bay District. There she managed the hotel with the help of the twins when they were old enough, two servants and a bartender. Among the guests in 1869 was Ben Butel, angry young man, who at twenty-four years and has already become a legend means. The fact that he was a catch, certainly not escaped the notice of Amelia and Cornelia or their widowed mother.

Amelia was the owner of a brilliant personality and good looks, and although physically identical twin sister, she somehow introduced a difference in Bene. Perhaps it was a friendly attitude and careless attitude brought her joy and a smile that will remain in the memory of men. Her red hair kaskadavali long and full shoulders, ending London that bounced with each step.

Cornelia seemed to be more guarded and often criticizes the guests, many of whom do not meet its stringent standards of clothing and deportation. Mentions Amelia Ben began to sound like wedding bells Cornelia. She hinted at the beginner a love affair.

The courtship was short, formed by a busy schedule sailor on the Great Lakes. They were in love, and at this period not yet started to be used, they were like-minded. Each lost his father at a young age, everyone spent the formative years of adult responsibilities, helping the operation of the hotel, and everyone tried to live, metered achievements. The marriage took place on 22 December 1869 after the naval band closed for the winter. Ben and Amelia waited a long honeymoon, which ends when the Great Lakes in March thaws.

Before the honeymoon is over, Cornelia in great suffering landed on the doorstep to recover from the tragic turn of events in her love life. Thereafter sister become inseparable; No one would go anywhere without the other. At the insistence of Amelia Ben I bought two schemes, coats, dresses and hats set in monogram to identify twins, which he belonged. Kimnuvshy that took persistence Cornelia's presence in their lives, he called one of his ore barges "twin sister." I loved the twin he called "Mail".

The only difference between the twins had a small mole on the neck Amelia for one ear. Ben, however, had a secret way to distinguish one from another: Amelia features typically depicted satisfaction and aspect Cornelia was acidic and irritable. The birth of three sons, Frederick William and Benny gave Amelia a special goal of life, while monitoring their development in the cultural gentlemen became a special mission for Cornelia in the large coastal city forest river. She gave any hope to do the same for my brother in law. Its main mass combined with nepasedlivastsyu made each delicate subject in his reach vulnerable to breakage; cups, glasses, jewelry clasps and exquisite furniture seemed to be in his presence break and split.

The sisters have determined that it is time to establish the size of the captain and the residence is decorated in such a way that the right to declare the width of life achievements. According to their will, he purchased four adjacent lots in the city of Bay City on Fifth and Madison Street, a block from Central Avenue. Today, "Central Avenue" offers a spectacular residential architecture of the late XIX – early XX century, for which she won a place in the National Register of Historic Places. For well-known citizens of Bay City in 1890 and the subsequent half-century it was the right place to live. Loggers and leaders in the field of beet sugar, coal, shipbuilding and other industries built stylish homes that reflect their significant achievements.

Philip F. Floter, a prominent architect who designed several years earlier Trinity Episcopal Church, was engaged in the works of planning and then construction of the mansion, designed for dwarf House Avenue Center, both in magnitude and in ornamentation.

Floter imported Italian tile and marble fireplaces and eleven ordered significant quantities of mahogany, maple, birch and pine for home, and for the inner liner. Living showed love Ben to the Great Lakes. He was in the shape of the bow of the boat, and in the length of it was a mirror from floor to ceiling, hung on either side of the high mirrored wardrobes. Another tribute to the bright stones on the Great Lakes, made from Lake Erie and mounted in front gables, – attracted the attention of passers-by. The panels coated with the inner walls to a height of five feet, and the area above them was covered with a cloth first, and then decorated with gold leaf. Lighting made of sterling silver.

In addition to storage in the basement are kitchen and dining room where Ben was entertaining business colleagues and friends who prefer to smoke cigars, paying each other Bakchychu prohibited in other areas. On the second floor are two private balconies, and the house of their entire length on the porch of the ground floor were open. From this point of view, it was possible to look at the river and heard a sigh sugorkav that pass in the night. The house was painted green with white trim – of course, marine paint. A large barn, which houses four water horse and the cart standing outside the house.

The bottles were kept. He avoided the attention, which often prefer managers and community leaders, the previous speech, holding public office, or any other attributes that accompany success. Compared with people who conducted the department ever performed in front of a business social groups Bay City, Benjamin was shameful and almost retiring. With the exception of his mansion, concessions to his wife, which he did not deny, he avoided public wealth. He was more likely to encourage children who gathered at his spacious lawn, where he built for them a female, than to engage in politics and often spend time with family & # 39; it than a business with & # 39; congresses.

January in the Gulf region Saginavu the cold. Ice thickens in the bay and river pace slows down and there is finally completely stopped. Every day brings a warning about these cold days when winter settles to keep the region in a cold embrace until spring. The year was 1902 and the Bay City five months longer every year in prison on frozen waterways; Now Railways allowed to go to those places where Ben was doing business. Ён часта скарыстаўся імі для паездак у ЗША і Канаду, дзе прысутнічаў на пасяджэннях саветаў дырэктараў і сходах акцыянераў альбо для ацэнкі новых інвестыцыйных магчымасцей.

Вярнуўшыся з адной такой экскурсіі ў канцы студзеня 1902 г., ён увайшоў у свой дом, дзе разам знайшоў Амелію і Карнэлію ў гасцінай. Рукі Карнэліі былі занятыя вязаннем шалі, адзін з многіх падарункаў, якія яна і Амелія рабіла на працягу года для членаў сям'і і царквы. Рукі Амеліі былі ў яе на каленях, адна сагнутая ў другую, незвычайная пастава для Амеліі, якая, як і Бэн, звычайна была занятая ад світання да змяркання.

Нешта іншае прыцягнула яго ўвагу, паслаўшы халодную дрыготку ўздоўж пазваночніка. Двайняты ўжо не аднолькавыя! Праўда, іх сукенкі, як заўсёды, былі аднолькавымі, моднымі пасляабеднымі сукенкамі Эдуарда, чорнымі, і ў адпаведнасці з пралітымі метадыстычнымі поглядамі, упрыгожанымі ювелірнымі вырабамі. Кожны цяпер насіў валасы, зацягнутыя назад і замацаваныя ў шыньёне на патыліцы. Але асаблівасці Амеліі змяніліся на працягу некалькіх тыдняў, калі ён быў у адсутнасці, альбо ў любым выпадку, ён заўважыў навала змяненняў, якія пазбягалі яго ўвагі, калі ён бачыў яе кожны дзень.

Яна схуднела, твар быў сцягнуты і вузкі; плечы яе нахіленыя, нібы ў паразе, і, што самае страшнае, бляск пакінуў яе вочы. Ён развёў галавой налева і заўважыў пару дзіцячых пальчатак, якія сядзелі на пярэдняй падстаўцы і кропелькі вільгаці на падлозе. Нягледзячы на ​​ўладкаваны выгляд, ён здагадаўся, што двое дабраліся дадому незадоўга да яго і паспяхова арганізавалі сябе, каб падмануць яго, паверыўшы, што яны там былі ўвесь дзень. Іголкі для вязання мільгаюць у занятых руках Карнэліі. Яе погляд паляцеў спачатку на Амелію, а потым на Бэна. Амелія прымусіла падняцца, каб павітацца з мужам, але Бэн, убачыўшы яе бяду, кінуўся праз невялікую прастору паміж імі і ўзяў яе на рукі.

Ён выклікаў спецыялістаў на свой бок і адвёў яе да тых, хто не змог яе наведаць дома. Яна зрабілася ўсё горш. Рак стаў шостай прычынай смерці ў Мічыгане ў той перыяд пасля туберкулёзу, хваробы сэрца, пнеўманіі, халеры і грыпу. Нягледзячы на ​​лютыя намаганні Бена, каб выратаваць яе, яна стала горш.

У Дзень падзякі Бэн зразумеў, што Амелія зразумела, што канец наблізіўся. Ён наблізіў крэсла да яе ложка, калі яна кволым рухам заклікала яго наблізіцца. З занадта тонкім голасам, каб праехаць больш за некалькі футаў, яна агучыла свае канчатковыя пажаданні. Карнелія, нагадала яму, была часткай яе жыцця з моманту яе нараджэння і часткай Бэна з моманту яго шлюбу. Яна заклікала яго выйсці замуж за Карнэлію, каб абараніць багацце сям'і, якое пагражала б падзелам альбо поўнай стратай у выпадку, калі Бенджамін выйдзе замуж за іншага. Ажаніся, Карнэлія, – сказала яна, і ўсё застаецца разам, дзе яна належыць.

Яна сціснула руку Бена з той невялікай сілай, якая засталася, і папрасіла, каб ён паабяцаў ёй зараз. У трыццаць тры гады шлюбу Бэн выканаў кожнае жаданне; Цяпер ён не бачыў прычын дэмурыраваць. Ён даў абяцанне, потым усміхнуўся і сказаў ёй, што зрабіць гэта проста абяцанне, таму што яна стане правільнай, як дождж да Каляд, не пазней за ўсё!

Амелія памерла праз пяць дзён 25 лістапада 1902 г. Бэн захаваў зарок на смерці і ажаніўся на Карнэліі праз чатырнаццаць месяцаў 11 лютага 1904 года.

Бэн павялічваў тэмп сваёй дзейнасці, ствараючы кампаніі, пашыраючы іншыя і прысвячаючы дадатковы час грамадскім праектам, такіх як заснаванне YMCA і YWCA, служыў папячыцелем царквы, а таксама бясплатна выдаваў свой час і грошы мясцовым патрэбам. .

У красавіку 1912 года ён прысутнічаў на сходзе акцыянераў Wallaceburg Sugar Company у Валаслабургу, Антарыё. Па заканчэнні сустрэчы ён прыбыў на чыгуначны вакзал у Чатэме для зваротнай паездкі, калі рухавік разаграваўся. Чорны дым дзьмуў ад дымавой залы. Збойны рухавік нібы крычаў! Спяшайцеся! Кандуктар, нецярплівы да пасадкі ў апошнюю секунду, нахіліўся наперад, нібы прыбраўшы невялікую драўляную прыступку, якую пасажыры пасадзілі ў цягнік. Бэн уварваўся ў лупу. Толькі калі ён узяўся за планку, якая дазволіла б яму размясціцца на борце, цягнік нечакана падскочыў наперад. Адной рукой ён трымаўся, падымаўся на борт, але не хапала сіл, каб завяршыць манеўр. Ён аслабіў хватку і ўпаў на платформу. Спачатку ён лічыў сябе не больш чым моцна ўзрушаным. Вярнуўшыся дадому, ён пачаў адчуваць дыскамфорт, потым боль, потым агонію. У хуткім часе ён патрапіў у паўсвядомае стан, ад якога 26 кастрычніка 1912 года ён пайшоў са смерці.

Калі Бенджамін Бутэль увайшоў у гісторыю, Мічыган страціў члена кадра смелых мужчын і жанчын, якія нарадзіліся недалёка ад часу існавання дзяржавы. Ён уводзіў бадзёрасць і рызыкоўнае стаўленне да памежнай дзяржавы, ствараючы сябе піянерам на Вялікіх азёрах і на фермах Мічыгана, а таксама ў падтрымцы шэрагу прамысловых праблем. Калі Мічыган сутыкнуўся з эканамічнымі цяжкасцямі падчас паступовага спынення вытворчасці піламатэрыялаў, ён ігнараваў бяспечныя шляхі і замест гэтага пагрузіўся ў новыя галіны, якія пашыралі эканамічныя магчымасці ў меншых гарадах Мічыгана, рызыкуючы нявызначанай фінансавай аддачы для сябе, у той час як іншыя ў сваёй сітуацыі прыносілі прыбытак у Мічыгане, у далёкіх, больш бяспечных гаванах, Нью-Ёрку, Кліўлендзе і Бостане. Толькі ён запомніўся як сапраўдны сын Мічыгана.


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