Lexington Hotel reveals the secrets of Al Capone

Lexington is located at the corner of 22th St. Michigan Avenue on the South Side of Chicago, it was the headquarters and nerve center of the empire racketeering and racketeering Al Capone. For innocently cupboards of sheets and hospitality forms were the secret door to the stairs that led to dozens of rooms, for example, pictures, where Capone and his gangster associates engaged in its purpose. Other secret passageways led to his own chest with drugs Capone, as well as taverns and brothels, interconnected hidden tunnels. Other tunnels led to the hatches on Lieve, which provided the way of escape for mafionav who fled from police raids and rival gangs.

Lexington hotel was originally built in 1892, designed by architect Clinton Warren, who also designed the Congress Hotel. Lexington was rather hastily built of brick and terracotta, to put the weight of which is expected to arrive in Chicago at the World Fair in 1893. President Benjamin Harrison once made a large balcony in front of a huge audience on the street beneath. Al Capone moved to Lexington in July 1928 and officially registered as "George Phillips" took deluxe room 5th floor. Cabinet Capone had views of Michigan Avenue.

In the lobby of armed militants in the hotel form follows closely behind the front door, and the upper floors were patrolling machines, armed with machine guns. From there he directed his distant, and very lucrative illegal activities until October 1931, when it was carried out from the hotel to the prison. The pinnacle of the success of Al Capone – and a harbinger of his fall, was the massacre of Valentine's Day in 1929, which effectively destroyed the last gangster Capone competitors and brought the wrath of the public and the federal government (Elliott Ness who sent for help) went down on his head.

Indeed, Al Capone had a number of storage facilities at the lowest levels at Lexington, where the hidden loot. These arches were so well hidden that even the closest associates of Capone did not know where they are. In the 1980s, after the glory of Lexington days are long gone, female construction company was considering the possibility of restoring the hotel Lexington. Researchers are exploring the ruins of the destroyed hotel located sealed rooms where famous hidden state Capone.

In 1986, a well-known talk show host shows Gerald Rivera lifted a live audience on national television to the place in his perfect form of shirts for the modern treasure hunt. IRS agents were also present in anticipation of its share of production. Crew Rivera broke through the concrete wall of 7,000 pounds, which was considered a secret haven of happiness Capone … but when the smoke cleaning, only the old sign and a few empty bottles were found. If there was once a happy, it has long been taken away.