Landmarks of the Traverse City

Traverse City – a beautiful place located in the County of Grand Traverse Michigan, which extends into the county Lelanau. It is surrounded by strange beaches, cool people and stellar numbers.

The city also has a share of culture and attractions. With award-winning chefs and wines, located on almost every street, it's hard not to run into a world-class food. The city has received broad provision in numerous publications for a wide selection of dishes and great taste. Among these publications: Midwest Living magazine, and Bon Appetit. The food in the region – is a combination of imagination and enthusiasm. Perhaps its most defining feature with the & # 39 is the consistent use of fresh fruit and vegetables, grown and harvested from nearby farms and forests. And urban vineyards the same caliber.

If fine food is not enough to draw you in, perhaps, the city beaches make this work. The region has more than 150 miles of shoreline of Lake Michigan lines and almost 150 lakes covering 10 acres or more. No matter what you want to spend their time alone or in the spirit of dialogue, there is a beach to accommodate you and your family & # 39; and.

With so many things that have come, you might think that Traverse City can not remain a lot, but the city certainly proves one thing. In and around the city you can find a wealth of cultural attractions. Do you have a name: in museums, art galleries, historical sites, opera houses, etc.

Thousands of tourists annually in the summer going to the hotel and the beach in Traverse City; some even come in the winter to the many events that take place at this time. This is definitely the perfect place to relax.

Michigan – not the best state in the US right now, especially given the state of the economy, but the Traverse City is still a & # 39 is a great place to visit no matter. Visit the city perfectly.

On its Web site lists the city are many cultural and historical attractions. In addition, in the coming months, planned a lot of activities. And do not let you cold out & # 39; e restrain the city in the winter as beautiful as in summer, and hotels are cheaper, if it is cold. See you there!